Red Sky Warning, by Wendy L Young


ABOUT THE BOOK  (from goodreads)- In this fast-paced follow-up to Wendy L. Young’s debut novel, Come the Shadows, the mystery deepens…

Will and Laura Harmon are trying to get on with their lives but are left reeling when a vicious hit-and-run sends Laura to the hospital. With all the recent changes in Campbell Creek Will has a long list of suspects – and few leads.

One thing is clear: Someone wants Laura dead and Will has to stop them in time.

But who from Campbell Creek’s shadowy past is behind the threats on Laura’s life and can Will figure out the mystery before tragedy strikes again?

MY REVIEW -  Well Wendy... you really did it this time! I liked the first book in this series "Come the Shadows" but I really loved this one! I don't know if I was just into it more and knew the characters better or if The Author "did her homework" and just wrote a better feeling book. I say better feeling because this book seemed to me to have more feeling. It was more "my kind of book". 
While still being very much a mystery, it also had a "Human interest/Woman's Fiction" feel to it with lots of suspense. I liked that! I really felt like I stepped into their lives and knew what they were going through, knew what they were "feeling" on a day to day basis. It wasn't just all facts about the mystery it was a story about their lives and how everything effected them. 
I liked Laura in the first book but I really loved her in this book! What a great strong female character she is (but not overdone). I thought her husband was a little macho and too over-protective at times, but that's how men are! I also thought it was great how Laura became friends with the abused neighbor, tried to help her and how that all fit into the story. The Author used the characters very well, nicely thought out. I also liked that it was very clean - no swearing or graphic sex, so - nice for everyone to read! Ahhh now I can't wait for the third one! I was also told that the cover picture was done by Wendy's Mother - Leedra. Its beautiful isn't it?
Congratulations Wendy on a book well done!

Thank you Wendy L Young for sending me this ARC eBook to read and review!

You can get it HERE from Amazon for  .99!!!! Can't beat that.
and HERE from B&N also for .99


  1. Oh, I am so glad that you liked this one! It sounds like an amazing read, and like one that I would love to check out. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review with us!

  2. Sounds like a good book. I added both to my to read list!

  3. I just noticed that the first book is also .99 for the Kindle. I bought both :)

  4. Great review. Thanks for the credit to me for the book cover. Notice Lukas (Wendy's husband) did change the color, because of the title of the book. I love that she used my photograph.

  5. Thank you for the review, Wendy. I'm glad you loved it :)

    I hope you enjoy it too, LRAtRandom!


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