Baby's Little Bible, by Sarah Toulmin, illustrated by Kristina Stephenson

5 STARS!!!!!

Baby's Little Bible was written by new mom Sarah Toulmin as a way of sharing the stories she so loved with her own little ones. Her ultra-simple retellings of twenty favorite stories, from Creation to Resurrection, are filled with a sense of wonder, expressing God's love for creation. Featuring Kristina Stephenson's heartwarming, baby-friendly illustrations, this little Bible offers lots to look at and point to while parent and child share this delightful book together. Now available in a small format with a padded cover in either pink or blue, or as a gift edition with gilt edges and a ribbon marker, Baby's Little Bible is a perfect starter Bible to share with a much-loved child. 

Sarah Toulmin is an experienced teacher, publicist, and now full-time mom. She started writing when expecting her first child who was the inspiration for-and first critic of!-the Baby's Little Bible.
Kristina Stephenson trained as a set and costume designer and worked in theater and television before going on to illustrate children’s books. She is the illustrator of Lion’s Baby Bible (Lion, 2006) and The Angel and the Lamb (Lion, 2008).

What a beautiful little Bible story book! It has a nice padded hard cover, beautiful pictures, and easy to understand stories.
Here are some pictures I took - the first one was so you could see how big it is -
 And since I am doing all Christmas books this month. Here are some pictures of "The Christmas Story" (click on them to make them bigger) -

I was very impressed when I received this book. It is a great size and a full 159 pages with color drawing on every page!
This reads just like a story book, with delightful fun text like -
"God sent the rain. It rained and rained. 
The boat began to float."
Any young child would love this Bible book. What a great tool for a parent (or Grandparent) to use.
I am sorry I am not giving this one away! I am saving it for future Grandchildren!
It comes in both Blue and Pink, of course I got the pink because even though my daughter has not even thought of children yet, everyone knows - in my family we only have girls! There have been no born boys! So no blue for us.

Here are some links where you can buy it -

Thank you Kregel Publications for sending me this beautiful book to review!


  1. Oh my gosh! I t would be perfect for your new baby!!!!! You should seriously get it Juju!


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