The Best Gift, By Wendy Markham

4 Stars!

ABOUT THE BOOK - This book is a sequel to If Only in My Dreams (2006), by Wendy Markham.
On Christmas morning of 2009 Clara McCallum has exciting news for her husband, Drew. She’s pregnant. Before she can tell him, an earthquake hits California and she is transported into the future. She finds herself In 2012, where she wakes up alone, eight months pregnant, and no sign of Drew or their child. Clara ping-pongs between 2009 and 2012 as she tries to figure out what the future holds.

MY REVIEW -  Ok, I'll admit, because this was a sequel, it was a bit confusing! It felt scattered and i wasn't sure exactly what was going on and who was who.
BUT... I liked it!!!The more I rad the more I liked it. This was my first "Time travel" book! It was fun, what a trip! Great character development, I loved Clara! Like it says above - Clara was literally "ping ponging back and forth between the future and present. The Author did an amazing job at keep everything straight, I wasn't lost at all.
This was also my first Wendy Markham book. I won't hesitate to try another one. Maybe the first book to this one  :-)

You can get this at B&N for 2.99 - HERE
Definitely worth the read, it was fun.


  1. Very cool! I haven't read a time travel book ever so maybe this might be a good starter??

    La Toya @ La Toya, literally.

  2. It's really a good book. I enjoy reading this.

  3. I really like time travel books, so I should probably check this one out when I can. Great review today!

    Happy New Year!!