Christmas Speed Reviewing

4 Stars
Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless, and nearly hopeless. She is trying to restart her life after false accusations landed her in prison, but job opportunities are practically nonexistent. When a secondhand red coat unexpectedly lands her a job as Mrs. Santa at a department store, Lena finally thinks her luck is changing. But can she keep her past a secret?

Very nice story! I loved the characters, all of them. I loved the story line. It was very unbelievable, but... it is a Christmas story so I don't think it has to be believable. A lot of strange and magical things happen at Christmas time. This kind of tied up a little to neat into a big Christmas bow, but I still liked it very much! Nice Christian, clean story. I got it when it was free for a day, now 9.99 at B&N - HERE

2 Stars  :(
I have to say I was very disappointed in this short story.  It wasn't even really a short story, it was more like a blurb! There was no story to it. No character development, no real setting and no plot. AND... honestly when I came to "The End" I thought the story was just saying the end, I thought there was more! I flipped forward, then back, the forward, then back again, and thought "Wow!, That's really it?!"
This story is a free download at B&N - HERE, but wasn't even worth the effort to me. 
The other Sheila Roberts book "The Snow Globe" was soooo good, this was very disappointing!

3 Stars
Now this was more like a short story. -   Newly engaged to her college sweetheart, Molly Stapleton has one wish for her holiday wedding: get her estranged parents back together. Three years ago, a family tragedy drove Emma Stapleton away from her husband, Jared, and their sprawling Texas ranch. Time, false pride, and unhealed hurts have only widened the divide. But Molly, with the help of some very special people in Eternity Springs, has a plan. As Emma and Jared arrive in this magical town to share Molly’s happiness, they meet face-to-face, heart to heart. Will they accept this last chance to renew their promises of love—and cherish the gift from the daughter who loves them both?

Cute sweet, quick, easy read for Christmas. Even though it was short, I did get into the characters and I did like the story line although it was very predictable. This is a .99 download from B&N - HERE


  1. I just finished Christmas at Harrington's and loved it - such a wonderful story! I agree with your assessment of A Very Holly Christmas - not worth the bother as far as I was concerned.

  2. Ha! I just scheduled a post for tomorrow with several "snappy reviews." Christmas at Harrington's is at the top of the post too. I guess great minds think alike, right? I've enjoyed my Christmas reading. Thanks for challenging me to do this!

  3. i've seen a ton of Melody Carlson books around lately but i've never read anything by her. all of her fans seem to adore her books, though. ;)

  4. It sounds like you had a very eclectic mix with these three, and I appreciated your honest reactions to all of them. I might have to check out a couple!

  5. Great review of CaH.

    I loved it.

    Curious: What about Christmas at Harrington's felt unbelievable?


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