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What is your favorite . . .

  • Christmas movie? A Christmas Carol. Has been and still is. I actually prefer the old ones, the orig. B&W one, and the colorized 60's version.
  • Christmas carol / song? "O Holy Night"is my fav. hymn and I like the version sung by Martina McBride. My fav. newer orig. song is "Let It Be Christmas" by Alan Jackson.
  • Christmas sweet treat?Frosted Sugar cookies!!!! I love 'em!
  • Christmas book? Actually as much as I love reading, I don't really have a fav. Christmas book! I guess my fav. Christmas book would have to be the original Christmas book - The Bible!
  • Children’s Christmas book? A Pussycat's Christmas" by Margaret Wise Brown & Anne Mortimer - this is a gorgeous book!!!!It is worth taking it out of the library just to look at the pictures!
  • Christmas tradition? Our Christmas traditions have changed over the years. Me moving out of the house, getting married, having a child, Child growing up and moving out of the house, my husband getting a job away from home and only seeing him a few days a month, all these things have had a tremendous impact on our "Family traditions"! I guess I would have to pride myself on being very flexible and being able to "go with the flow" and not holding too tightly to traditions that might be unrealistic! I am looking forward to new traditions, in my old age! LOL

As far as your preferences . . .
  • White or colorful lights? White lights! I love to see a house all decked out, tastefully done up in all white lights.
  • Twinkling lights or non-twinkling lights? Non-twinkling
  • Turkey or ham?Ha! This is funny because we don't do either! I don't eat meat so no ham for me, and seldom eat turkey (already had my quota at Thanksgiving). It has been a long time "tradition" (ooo I do have a tradition!) to make either Lasagna or Stuffed shells.Some kind of pasta, garlic bread and salad.
  • Tree - real or fake?I have always loved a real tree! I still do, I always did a real tree for years.... but have given it up. With a fake tree - you can put it out so much earlier, keep it up longer, and NO MESS!
  • Hot cocoa or apple cider? Coffee!!! LOL I am not really into Hot cocoa, and I like cold cider.
  • Frosty or Rudolph? Frosty, I love the little cartoon show, very sad!
  • Scrooge or the Grinch? Well... I would have to say both! Being a huge fan of "A Christmas Carol" as stated above, I would say scrooge but I also love the original, "Grinch who stole Christmas" and we actually have a stuffed Grinch on our bed!
  • Gift wrap or gift bag? BOTH! What ever can not be easily wrapped gets stuffed in a bag!
  • Themed tree or traditional family ornaments? All the ornaments on my tree are different, there are no two alike! Most of them have been gifts and I know and remember where each one came from! They all have special value and meaning to me.

Who are you spending Christmas with this year? Once again, this is gonna be a little different this year. I do not live near my Mom or Dad so that is out of the question. We actually did dinner at my in-laws last night and opened gifts with them. The Daughter is working on Christmas day so I am doing Christmas with her on Christmas Eve. The Hubby will have to work in PA, so I am driving down on Christmas day to spend Christmas with him for a few days (I am taking Christmas to him!) And the Daughter and hubby (Father) will have to exchange gifts after Christmas when he is able to get home again.  So does that make sense?

What is the most embarrassing gift you’ve ever asked for? Hello Kitty stuff! I am a big fan!

What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten? MY NOOK!!!!! I have gotten lots of special gifts that would be up for second place - all my pearl jewelry from my mom, my cappuccino maker from the hubby, and many more.

What is the best gift you’ve ever given? Oh brother, I really have no idea! I hate to cop out on this one but I really don't know.

What is your most memorable Christmas and why? I love Christmas! So I honestly would have to say - I love every one equally! And surprisingly they are all different!

What are three words that you associate with Christmas. Christ, Family, Giving!

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Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. This was such a fun meme to read! I loved getting to know you a little better through your answers!

  2. Oh ... thanks for playing along! I love knowing how other people celebrate Christmas!


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