On the 7th day of Dec...

Anyone who knows me, knows that "Train" is one of my favorite singing groups!
I've heard this Christmas song by them on the radio a few times this year and thought I would share! It is such a cute video and so catchy! I love it! Watch carefully as Santa tips and shakes the globe!


  1. Thanks for sharing Train.
    I have read my first Christmas book and posted on Paula's Thoughts. Lauraine Snelling and Lenora Worth 2 stories in one.
    I am now reading one of Patricia Davids "an amish Christmas"

    Paula O

  2. A. A. - Yeah but how do you really feel about it??? LOL
    Heeheehee I love it too!

  3. Oh thanks for sharing this with us! It was wonderful!

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  5. Great video! I always knew Santa had a hand in bringing us together...he's very clever that way! ;o)


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