On the first day of December...

 Welcome to "Christmas in July, in Dec.
I was going to do a "Christmas in July" reading challenge, reading only Christmas books in July. But all my traveling made that almost impossible! So now I have decided to do it in December, how fitting, huh? Actually reading Christmas books in Dec!

The first order of business - The winner of the Christmas book from Amazon (up to $10.00) is... drum roll please. ~.~.~.~.~  Michelle @ The True Book Addict

I had 12 people sign up (including me), that's 11 more than I thought would sign up!
I thought I would start off "Christmas in July, in Dec." with a video.
I heard this on Sirius Radio in my car the other day and I loved it! So I thought I would look up the video. It is so funny. I laughed through the whole thing! So please take the time to take a look -

The Christmas Can Can, by - Straight no Chaser


  1. Hehe. I like the can can song :)

    Congrats to the winner!

  2. Yay! Michelle! She deserves it :)

    YAY for December!

  3. This was cute - I loved the song!
    Thanks for the giveaway, it was fun.
    Oh, & of course we signed up! I LOVE CHRISTMAS READING!! It has been so hard not to start early though!

  4. oh, & I answered your question on my site re: Her Christmas Pleasure

  5. Wow! I am SO thrilled! Thank you! (okay, Michelle, cool it on the exclamation points....lol). I've been over to Amazon and found the book I want. Christmas Jars Reunion! I had no idea he had written a sequel. Christmas Jars was one of my most favorite Christmas books ever! I'm emailing you right now.

    My friend, Ryan (Wordsmithonia) turned me on to Straight No Chaser and I downloaded one of their Christmas CDs from Amazon last week. They are awesome!

    Thank you to Juju for her sweet congrats to me above. =O)

  6. Congratulations to your winner!

    Straight No Chaser is actually a family favorite around this time of year, and I love it that so many people are appreciating them!

  7. Hee Hee so cute....

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  9. I love this video. I wish I could have been in the audience...how much fun would that have been?!!

  10. I couldnt catch all the words it went so fast but loved the antics and the music, thanks for sharing.
    I had to finish up my book I was on but am now ready to start the Christmas stories, thanks for the challenge.
    Paula O