Winners - Woot Woot!

The winner of the eBook - "Kissing Kris Kringle" by Erin Quinn is...

You still have 2 days to sign up for "The Christmas singing" - HERE

I wanted to remind you of the other 11 bloggers that are joining me in this Christmas in July in Dec. Challenge.
Tales of Whimsy - She has done a few reviews already.
Hott Books - She has done quite a few reviews as well and she also has a review challenge going on.
Busy is Reading - has done a review of a book I am going to try to read and she also does movie reviews.
At Random - (a good friend of mine now!) She has one more review obligation to finish then she has promised me that she will start reading Christmas! There now it is writing - so you have to!
Just Another Book Lovin' Girl - Still has yet to do a Christmas book - but I have high hopes!!! LOL The pressure is on.
Christian Bookshelf Reviews - Has a beautiful Christmassy blog with Christmas music, hasn't done a Christ review yet.
Learning to Juggle - This is a new blog for me! She has posted one Christmas review, Yay.
Paula's Thoughts - Another new blog for me. She has posted a few Christmas reviews already!
The True Book Addict - and she has a Christmas Blog - The Christmas Spirit - On which she has done a few reviews and giveaways! And she is also doing a Christmas challenge of her own.
I Blog 4 Books - Another new blog to me. She has posted a review and links to free eBooks.
Better is Possible - And yet another new blog for me! She has a pretty Christmassy themed blog with Christmassy posts.

So be sure to stop by their blogs and give them some Christmas lovin' and check out their reviews.
 BTW - if you hadn't noticed I am posting all  my Christmas giveaways on my right sidebar.
Bloggers - if you have a Christmas giveaway that I haven't added,  please send me a comment and let me know the link and I will add it to my sidebar!


  1. Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Congrats!

    I LOVE that tree.

    Thank you SOOOO much for linking to me!

    Psst would you mind dropping the "e" in whimsy? Thanks sweetie :)

  3. LOL! Yes, it's in writing now

    Just for the record, I did read a Christmas book yesterday. I just have to write a review and blog post. :)

    Love the bookshelf Christmas tree!

  4. I'm so far behind everyone else in this challenge... I've read one Christmas book ('Christmas Haven' by Hope White) and I'm reading another one right now - 'The Christmas Rescue' by Laura Scott, but I haven't posted any reviews yet. I'm hoping to change that soon!

    Merry Christmas and happy reading!


  5. Thanks for linking back to me! I can't wait to check out what everyone else has been reading. I'm posting a bunch of Christmasy reviews over the next couple of days. :)



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