World's Greatest Christmas Cookies - Review

100 STARS!!!!!

ABOUT THE BOOK -  Wonderfully unique, The World’s Greatest Christmas Cookies will delight your taste buds and make your Christmas season even sweeter! Featuring scrumptious cookie recipes, organized into fun categories including no-bakes, cutouts, and more—plus great cookie decorating tips and ideas—this big book has you covered for the entire Christmas season and beyond!

MY REVIEW - Ok, so I hate to bake, right? Like, seriously! I have to keep reminding my husband (poor guy) "Honey, I am sorry, you did not marry Betty Crocker!" That all being said...
This is the GREATEST Christmas cookie book EVER!!!! 
It is so good... It was a download from "Netgalley", I downloaded it onto my nook, looked at all the pages for about 2 min., on every page I said "Oh my word, these look good!" "Oh my gosh, I have to try those!" "YUM!!!" etc. etc. etc. after those 2 min. - I proceeded to Amazon where I purchased a hard cover copy for myself! LOL and I have pictures to prove it!
Now... If this was convincing enough to make even me, the non-baker, to within minutes, to go and buy the book... well 'nough said! Just go buy the book!
I have already made two of the cookie recipes. The pictures are gorgeous! The recipes are easily written and easy to follow. There are little sayings and Bible verses throughout.
"Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same." - Luke 3:11"

 Here are the Peanut Butter Cup cookies I made - They were awesome!!!

These are the Applesauce Spice cookies I just made yesterday - they are awesome too!

I very highly recommend this book.
If you like baking cookies - I recommend you buy this book.
If you love baking at all -  I recommend you buy this book.
If you do a Christmas cookie exchange -  I recommend you buy this book.
If you love to eat cookies but do not bake -  I recommend you buy this book, as a gift for someone who will bake for you! LOL

From Amazon - HERE
From B&N - HERE

Thank you NetGalley and  Barbour Publishing, Inc. for this awesome cook book, that I was able to download to review!


  1. I love to bake, and would love to grab a copy of this book! I like the way the book is bound, and have to admit that the recipes inside look wonderful! I am off to see how I can grab this one soon! Thanks for the great review, and enjoy your cookies!

  2. Oh my gosh I am inspired!! I'm not much of a baker but this is a book I would want.


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