Losing Clementine - Ashley Ream (Review & Giveaway)

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4 1/2 Stars!

In thirty days Clementine Pritchard will be finished with her last painting and her life.
World-renowned artist and sharp-tongued wit Clementine Pritchard has decided that she's done. After flushing away a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, she gives herself thirty days to tie up loose ends—finish one last painting, make nice with her ex-husband, and find a home for her cat. Clementine plans to spend the month she has left in a swirl of art-world parties, manic work sessions, and outrageous acts—but what she doesn't expect is to uncover secrets surrounding the tragedy that befell her mother and sister. In an ending no one sees coming, will we lose Clementine or will we find her?

Ashley Ream got her first job at a newspaper when she was 16. After working in newsrooms across Missouri, Florida and Texas, she gave up the deadlines to pursue fiction. She lives in Los Angeles where she works at a nonprofit and is finishing her next novel.
You can visit Ashley at her website - HERE

Absolutely brilliant!  A big huge two thumbs up for new Author Ashley Ream (and not just because she has the same name as my daughter! LOL) This basically was a book about a woman getting all her effects in order so she could commit suicide in 30 days. I loved how the chapters were labeled by how  many days she had left. This kind of made it seem more real to me. As the days were counting down, as it was getting closer to the end of her time - I was getting more and more nervous.

Great character development! I loved Clementine, I wanted to hate her but just couldn't. She was so selfish, sarcastic, rude and just so hilarious. And I absolutely loved the cat, Chuckles! I had never seen an author do such a great job with a cat's personality before. The Author made the cat a main character in the book.

This book was Hilarious! I was literally giggling on every page. Until I got to the last 5th of the book then it got incredibly sad. I was in tears the whole time. I even had to put the book down a few times just to ... hmm reflect? think? maybe just rest my emotions. It amazes me how a book can be both Funny and so sad at the same time. I almost felt guilty for laughing at Clementine's depression, but she was just so dang funny.

Then - get ready for the absolute shock near the end! I gasped out loud.
The only thing I did not like about this - it had a NON-ENDING!!!!!! Why oh why? The perfect book with a non-ending! No really, its just me - I hate non-endings! So I had to take away .5 of a star as punishment.
This book does have a couple graphic sex scenes and some swearing so probably not good for younger readers.

I will definitely be looking for Ashley Ream's next book.
Thank you Librarything early reviewers for sending me this book to review.

This book will be released on March 6, 2012.
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  1. Wow. This sounds really good. I'm intrigued.

  2. I also am intrigued by this one. It sounds like an unusual way to tell a story, and Clementine sounds like the kind of character that grows on you, despite her obvious flaws. I think this was a wonderful review, and it has made me really curious about a book I had never even heard of before. Great job!

  3. Sounds like a great read and I loved your review.
    Makes me want to read it.

  4. Ooooh, I must read this one. It sounds great and exactly the kind of book I like. Off to enter!

  5. Great Review! This sounds soooo good.