A walk around the old blog

I have made some changes.
A new header (you like?)
I switched everything on the sidebars (just to see if you were paying attention)

The left sidebar now includes
  • The links to my others blogs, please fell free to visit.
  • Book giveaways and contests, mine and other bloggers (If you have a contest, let me know, I'll add it).
  • A list of all the full reviews I do, so if you are looking for a certain book, you can just click on the link and go right to that review.
  • I will also have links to the "Speed reviewing" I do (this is new).
  • A list of book challenges I am doing (by month).
  • A list of all my favorite book blogs! Muah! Love you guys!
Also new this year - I have decided to do a different reading challenge every month!
Every year I do a few reading challenges that stretch through the year. Sometimes its hard to keep track of them and they get forgotten. So this year I will be doing a different challenge each month!
It might be just a mini version of the original, and i will have other books to review fit in-between, but I will try to read at least 4 - 5 book within each challenge.
So - if you have a challenge idea - bring it on!

This months challenge for Jan. - Rainbow Book Cover Challenge, this challenge idea come from At Random

AND... Yay!!!!! 300 followers!!!


    1. I love the new look, and the colors are wonderful! Great job with the redesign!

    2. Definitely like the new header. Love the changes and I'm honored to make your awesome book blogs list.

    3. I like the new layout :) and Congrats on hitting 300!

    4. What a neat idea to do a different challenge each month!

    5. I love the new look - it's fantastic Wendy!

    6. The new design looks great - nice and warm. I love your take on reading challenges this month.

    7. I LOVE the header and the new layout! Congrats on 300.

    8. I'm a little behind on reading blogs but I love your changes! And you are ROCKING the book reviews lately!!! Hope you are having a good start to 2012 :)