Fun Friday !!!

Happy Fun Friday everyone! I know you are all dieing to find out who the winner of the button contest is, right?

Well I can't decide! I knew it would come to this. I am terrible at making decisions! So I am going to show you the final two and you will get to vote to choose the winner!
 I loved them all! I really did. I like each one for different reasons but decided against each one for, again - different reasons. 3 of them I thought were really pretty but seemed very seasonal and I want this button to be "forever", 2 of them were very bright and colorful and FUN, but... were almost too busy. One of them I loved because it had coffee on it but it seemed more relaxing to me not FUN!

So here are the final 2 and why I like them -
#1 - This one I like because it is all the things I like! Movies, popcorn, the computer, books, and wine! All the things that make a Friday fun!


#2 - This one I like because it just looks like a Friday to me and it is simple, easy to see and easy to read.

So - please vote! Which one to you screams "Fun Friday!" I purposely did not say who these belonged to so the voting would be fair. And If they belong to you of course you can vote! Just don't say in the comments that they belong to you.
Voting is open till the next Fun Friday, then I promise I will announce a winner.


  1. Hard decision....very hard decision.
    #1 is you said it is everything you like.

  2. I like the one with the two wine glasses...

  3. My favorite one is #1! :)


  4. I like them both, but I'll vote for #1 because like the first commenter said 'it is everything you like'

  5. I vote #2. Its bold, bright, and catches your eye.

  6. #2 I love the two wineglasses.

  7. I love #2. Very simple and chic.


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