Love, Served With a Twist Party wrap-up!

The party's winding down. You should have had at least 3 martinis, read 6 reviews and entered 6 times to win free e-books! Phew, what a party!

"Shaking It Up", by Erin Quinn was a magical, hot, sexy read. I loved the beginning of Erin's book the best. I like that it had 2 male characters. And honestly I wasn't sure which way it would go at first! Erin's book had more of a magical quality to it and I love that!

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"Dirtying It Up", by Calista Fox was a VERY hot steamy read! What I liked best about this story was the male character, Jake, seemed more sincere and honest to me. I really liked Jake and had a real good feeling for him. This was my first book by Calista Fox! So Yay me!

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"Stirring It Up", by Mary Leo was a nice very romantic read, but don't get me wrong - there was plenty of steam to this one too! I loved the female character, Rose, she seemed sweet, a little intimidated, and very real to  me. And I loved the ending of this book! I thought this was a good choice for the last book, it did seem to wrap everything up nicely.

Enter to win an e-book copy - HERE & HERE 

At Random's winners will be chosen on Valentine's Day, I am giving you a little longer - till the 25th.

It's been real fun partying with you all! Thanks for joining us.

Don't forget you can buy these e-books for .99 at either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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  1. Glad that you had such a good time with these books! Hot and steamy for Valentine's Day is perfect!