Stirring It Up - Mary Leo (Review and E-book giveaway)

4 Stars!!!!

When sexy world traveler, Max Rosso, walks into With a Twist, the San Diego based martini bar and bistro Rose Cupido owns with her two best friends, she immediately knows she's in trouble. Not only did the mysterious gypsy prophesize that Rose would find true love by Valentine's Day, but the gypsy also warned that this new love must be returned. If it is not returned, all will be lost, including With a Twist.

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, can Max and Rose stir it up enough to find true love, or will his need for freedom get in the way of them having it all?

 "When I was growing up on Chicago’s south (east) side, only a couple bridges away from Indiana, I dreamed that one day I would live in a house with central heating.
I started writing my own stories when my kids were all grown up, and my husband told me I needed to focus on one art form (I was into several at the time). We now live in beautiful San Diego, where central heating is optional.
My latest release, Cabin Fever, hits the book stores in February. It’s part of the Mediterranean Nights series from Harlequin, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! Cabin Fever is book nine in the series and takes place in the Caribbean onboard the cruise ship, Alexandra’s Dream. The story is filled with intrigue, love and laughter, plus a helping of island lust to keep you warm on those cold winter nights."
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Woo hoo! What a nice little hot romance story! This one was very romantic. Lots of love. I really got into the story line. Mary did a real nice job of involving the other main characters of the other books too.
There was great character development. I loved Rose in this story. I felt a real connection to her. She was sweet, lonely and a little unsure of herself. I really did want her to find her true love.
This one had a great ending! It was very creative and sweet. It definitely had that "AWWWW" moment. I also like the way she wrapped everything up in the end.
This is a very nice, quick, romantic read. I would still say Adult only!

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  1. Ooo, cool bar pic! It reminds me of an Ice Bar I went to in Atlantic City. The bar was literally made of ice...wicked cool!

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  2. This third martini is good! Thanks for the fun!

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  3. This sounds way cute!
    You had me at hot guy and gypsy.
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  4. Oh my gosh, the men on these covers! They are making me perspire! I would love to read this one!


  5. This book sounds very interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.