Faith Girls! Bible & NIV Boys Bible

These two bibles are wonderful! I know I am always saying that I am saving these for my future grandchildren but honestly I might just use these myself! They are that good!
I am going to review each one separately because they are very different.

5 STARS!!!!!
This is a bible designed for young girls ages 9 - 12, but I think it could be for any age.
Here are the features that make this bible unique -
Dream Girl -
What would it have been like to live on Noah's Ark? This feature will help you imagine yourself in some of the most familiar and amazing Bible stories.

Bring it on -
T really get to know yourself, take some quizzes! Do you like to help others? Is it difficult for you to be patient? How do you obey God? This feature will point to Bible verses that will encourage you. 

Oh, I Get it! - 
The Bible is more than just stories - it also has tons of information. How did God create the world? Who is a direct descendant of Ruth? What kind of freaky stuff happened to Ezekiel? Find answers to these questions and more. 

Book Introductions -
Highlights the main topics of each book of the Bible and applies them to your life. 

Treasure This! -
Verses to help you keep God's Word in your heart - you may want to memorize them! 

Is there a little ______ in you? -
Have you ever believed that God was there for you, even when it didn't seem like it? Then there's a little Moses in you. Have you ever helped a friend be brave? Then there's a little Deborah in you. Have you ever helped somebody when no one else wanted to help? Then there's a little Good Samaritan in you. See for yourself what Bible character traits you have! 

In Your Own Words -
Create a list of events to tell a Bible story in your own words.

Of course I love the pretty pink and purple colors of this Bible!

5 STARS!!!!!

This is the Bible that is geared for boys ages 9 - 12, but again - it is awesome enough for anyone to use it!
Here are the features in the Boys Bible -
Book Introductions -
A quick look at the Author, setting, and background will help you understand the characters and stories in each book of the Bible.

 What's the Big Deal? -
While everything in the bible is important, certain people, places, and things stand out. Find out who's who, What's what, and how they connect to God. You'll discover the adventures and challenges of mankind.

Makin' it Real -
Think the bible is too ancient to make sense today? You'll be surprised. Get the scoop on what boys like you can learn from the Bible - no matter what century you live in.

Check it Out -
Boost your smarts with fascinating facts and trivia. Read about the cool and interesting stuff in the life and times of the Old and New Testaments.

Grossology (this one's my favorite!)-
If it oozes, bleeds, smells, or makes your spine tingle, its in the Bible. God didn't avoid the messy parts of life. He left them in, so get ready to squirm.

 Words to Live by - 
Verses to help you keep God's Word in your heart - you may want to memorize them.

The boys Bible has a dark blue and shades of orange - again, great colors!
These Bibles are so fun and funky with all their bright colors and different things to read and check out that your kids will begging to read the Bible every night!
Both Bibles are big and chunky with nice hard covers.

Thank you Zondervan for sending me these great Bibles to read and review!

Get "Faith Girlz Bible" from Amazon - HERE
And "NIV Boys Bible" - HERE

Get them from the Zondervan website - HERE and HERE


  1. These would make perfect Easter gifts for my kids! Thanks so much for sharing these with me! I need to get them soon!

    1. Oh Heather! These are great Bibles, I am not exaggerating! I love them!
      They would make a great gift for Easter! What a great idea!
      Let me know if you do get them and what you think of them.

  2. 5 stars*****

  3. 5 stars *****


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