Fun Friday!

Fun Friday was created because it is a fun way to end the week 
(and a place to post all the left over fun stuff that doesn't fit into other posts).

I would like to introduce you all to the newest love of my life!
My new Borsa Bella nook purse!!!!!

A couple of months ago I started looking for a bag to carry my nook in. Not a cover, I already had a cover. I wanted a purse like bag for the nook in its cover. I got tired of putting my nook into my already full purse. I was considering one from one of the designers that uses pretty quilted bright fabric (you know who I mean) but they were soooo expensive and still not exactly the right size or what I was looking for.
I finally did a search on ETSY (which is a great shopping site by the way!). I picked out a few, filed them in my favorites. Then a few weeks later looked at them again and Borsa Bella really stood out to me. The variety of colors, the variety of sizes and the quality really seemed like a good fit for me. So I finally made my decision and ordered one!
I am telling you - I love it!!!! LOVE love love!! I couldn't be happier! I loved it so much I bought one for my daughter! She loves it! The quality of the craftsmanship is incredible!
The hooks for the adjustable strap -
I wanted one with a pocket for my membership card, maybe a gift card, and some cash - credit card etc. So if I didn't want to take my reg. purse in I wouldn't have to.

It also has a nice thick padding. This is pretty darn perfect! I am so happy with it, I am in love!
This is the color I bought for my daughter because she has a red cover for her nook.
I am seriously considering buying a purse from this co. She also has really nice hobo bags and purses. Maybe in May for my birthday! I do need a new purse. It will be a gift for myself!

Melissa, from the Borsa Bella company has given me a great offer!
Any of my blog readers who orders something will receive a 15% discount!
Just use the code - walltowall15  when ordering.
So if you have been wanting a carrier for your nook or Kindle, or if you are in the market for a new purse, computer bag, cell phone case etc (she has lots of great stuff!) this is the one to get! You will love it!

Link to Etsy - Borsa Bella - HERE
Link to her website - HERE

 Even Martina loves it! I think she would crawl into it if she could.

Crystal from "Just another Book lovin' girl"
asked these "This or That" questions -

1. Facebook or Twitter? Sorry but neither!

2. Print or Ebook? Both! Ever since getting my nook color I have been an e-book reading maniac! But I still do love the actual book.

3. M&M's or Skittles? Hmm this is tough because I really do love both, I would have to say M&Ms but only by an m, LOL

4. Cat or Dog?  Cat defiantly! I am not a dog person. I have always had cats as far back as I can remember.

5. Call or Text? TEXT!!! I actually do not enjoy talking on the phone. I have friends and family that live across the country so I do talk to them on the phone, but I will text over phoning any day!

6. Summer or Winter? Summer!!!!! UGH I hate Winter!!! and I live in NY right? I know. Why do I still live in NY?

7. City or Country? Country by far! Give me a house with no neighbors and lots of land.

8. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla is actually one of my favorite flavors! I love van ice cream, van. Lattes, even van. scented candles.

9. Sandals or Sneakers? Sandals - well flip flops or Birkenstocks actually!

10. The Hunger Games or Twilight? Ugh! Neither! I am so not into those books!

11. Spring or Fall? Spring! I love the flowers and finally getting out the summer and spring clothes, the first time wearing flip flops, buying fresh veggies at the Amish farm! Fall is sad for me because it is the end of summer and I know that dreaded winter is just around the corner.


  1. Cute! A book purse? FAB idea.

    Have an awesome weekend.

  2. Ooo, was that a subtle hint to Vera? I have a pretty blue tote that I've been using and I love it!

    I'll have to check out the etsy shop this weekend :)

  3. I own several Borsa Bella bags. Love everyone!

  4. I love your new "nook purse" and think the deign is outstanding! I also love the colors that you chose. Very, very cool!

  5. Oh I love it! Lucky you. Love your this or that. I'm a vanilla girl as well.

  6. So cute! I love the long strap and pocket. That paisley pattern is perfect.