April wrap-up

YA in April is officially over.

During the month of April I read some really great YA books. I read some Authors I would not have had the chance of reading otherwise. I want to thank all the Authors who participated in this with me, I am so grateful to you all, it made this month a lot more fun.

Here are the book covers for the month of April -

My 5 star books this past month were -
"Intangible" by J Meyers
"Teenie" by Christopher Grant
"Crazy Dangerous" by Andrew Klavan

May is my birthday month!
So for the month of may I have chosen to read all "Witchy" books. This will include Historical "Salem Witch Trial" books as well as fun quirky modern fiction witch books.
Let me clear something up - NO! I am not into witchcraft!!!!!!!! At all!!!
I just am intrigued by the phenomenon and History of the Salem Witch Trials and I love reading quirky fiction witch book, they're fun to read. So don't worry about me, I am not turning to the dark side! I am still a very devoted Christian.

I will be doing a few catch-up reviews before I start my May reading (a cookbook, a music CD and a Medical Drama). 


  1. Happy early birthday and yah for witchy books! I'm a Christian but I love some magic in my stories.

  2. It looks like you had a great YA March, and I am looking forward to the witchy April! I have a few suggestions if you are looking for stuff! Enjoy your new direction!

  3. You read a ton of books in April! I need to back through them to add a couple to my tbr list.

  4. Wow, you read a ton of books. I can't keep up to you. Lol. I'm looking forward to your witchy month. I'm with you, I'm a Christian but I love books and tv shows about witchcraft.