Fun Friday!

Winners! -
The winner of the book - "Holy Ghost Girl" by Donna Johnson is...
#15 Melissa C.  

Reminder - the big Spring "Read-a-thon" or affectionately known as "RAT" is coming up!
If you don't know what RAT is and have never done it before - you must!
Here are the points and pointers -
~ April 21st -22nd. Starts Saturday at 8:00 Eastern time (my time). And ends on Sunday at 8:00.
~ You read - continuously for 24 hours. Taking as few breaks as possible.
~ There are mini challenges and contests with great prizes to be won, so check the Dewey's site each hour and check all your friend's blogs.
~ Take a little time out for potty breaks, food breaks (me- I just snack while reading), and blogging updates (I update every hour at first then slow down over night).

~ I suggest you choose easy reading, quick, short books, so you can read more and faster. It's probably not such a good time to read "Dr. Zhivago" or "Gone with the Wind" you will get real tired of reading them and that will be the only thing you get a chance to read. I choose all YA and all under 350 pages (honestly, I try to pick under 300). The shorter the book - the more of them you can get in.
~ PLAN AHEAD!!!! Pick your books and get them stacked right by your reading spot. Plan your food and snacks. Go shopping ahead of time and buy everything you will need. Have everything prepared ahead of time. I always do a veggie tray w/ dip. The day before I cut all the veggies and have them all arranged and ready to go, etc. Then the morning of - you have nothing to do but start reading.
~ Pick way more books than you know you will read. This way you will have lots to choose from!
~ Get a good night sleep the night before.
~ Book mark all the blogs you want to visit as well as the RAT site on your computer. Set the computer up right next to your reading area.
~ I also suggest doing this with another person. Everyone always tells me this is a great idea, but I don't know anyone else who does it. 
I always do this with my daughter. She takes the day off of work and comes over and just stays the whole time and we read together. This is so much better for so many reasons! The biggest one being - we can keep each other awake! (no toothpicks Jen!)


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  1. Hahaha

    No toothpicks?!? Really?!?! :(

  2. You know you're like the RAT Queen, right? I'm taking any advice I can get from you =D. This'll be the first time I'm participating so it should be interesting.. but still a lot of fun!

  3. Congratulations to your winner! I also am excited about the readathon!

  4. I will be reading along with you. This should be interesting. I have a feeling I wont make it through the full 24 hours...maybe 12..

  5. I'm taking a page from your book and I'm doing it with my mom this time. I'm traveling quite a few miles to do it but I think it'll be better this way. I'm still trying to improve each time. Maybe I'll make it this time around.

    I'm also hosing a mini-challenge this time.


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