The Green, by Karly Kirkpatrick (Review and e-book Giveaway)

4.5 Stars!

How far would you go to save your dream?

Seventeen-year-old Ariceli Pisa is a senior at the prestigious Cambridge High School and has her sights set on Northwestern University. She's a cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society...and a drug dealer. That's not the only secret she has to keep from her best friend Naomi--she’s also madly in love with Naomi’s ex-boyfriend, James Bartlett. Trying to balance her life at Cambridge High with her new demanding job keeps her teetering on the edge of disaster. 

Karly Kirkpatrick loves to read and write YA. She published her first YA novel, Into the Shadows in 2010 and added Bloody Little Secrets and EIGHT in 2011. She lives in Elgin, Illinois. For more information about Karly, visit www.karlykirkpatrick.com.

I really liked this book. It was very real to me, and was very well written. There was great character development. I really liked Ari and also liked James (the love interest). I thought that part was well done. I think the subject of teen drug dealing should come into more YA reading. It is definitely a problem that teens face today and it does make for very interesting (and kinda scary) reading.

The things I didn't like about this book and the reason for not giving it 5 stars - Waaaay too much swearing! I do understand her reasoning, we're talking about drugs and dealing here. But... I think she should have just had Ari's brother and his friend swearing and not had Ari swearing (just my opinion). There were a few times when Ari said "freakin'" and I think that was just as effective for her. The other thing (without giving away the ending) I am glad that it ended the way it did because the whole book made it seem a little too easy for a high school girl to sell drugs for college money. I don't think enough bad happened to discourage other kids from doing this.

I do highly recommend this book! It was interesting on every page. I think I read it in one day, almost in one sitting. Even with all the swearing I do recommend it for teens due to the subject matter. It is important for teens to read this kind of stuff. If I had a teen right now I would rather them read this than "Twilight". This was about real life, this was not fantasy. And it did have the "moral/lesson" at the end. I thought it ended very well!

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  1. I think this book sounds amazing, and very, very real. With two teenagers in high-school, this is is topic I wonder about frequently. Very interesting review on this one. It sounds quite good!

  2. "She's a cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society...and a drug dealer."

    That setence sold me...sounds great!