The Light and Fallen, by Anna White (Review & e-book giveaway!)

3.5 Stars
Lucian isn't sure what to expect when he steps over the banister separating Heaven from Earth. He opens his eyes in a new body, one with no wings, no knowledge of the future, and no special powers. All he remembers is his mission: to find a mysterious key. When he meets a human girl that he can't ignore he is forced, for the first time in eternity, to choose between duty and the pull of his heart. The future hangs on his decision, but he's fallen into a world where nothing is just what it seems. 
 I grew up in the Deep South in a deeply religious family. We didn't have a t.v., get the newspaper, play video games, or watch movies. What we did do, all the time, was read and tell stories. Most of my early memories with my parents and grandparents involve reading together or being read to: grown up books with my parents, Sunday School stories with my grandmother, a book called It's a Bear about mauled hikers with my grandfather. Words swirled through our house like water.

I've discovered that's something you just can't get over. That kind of immersion leaves a mark. I continue to live in the South with my husband and children, and I continue to turn to words. My first novel, The Light and Fallen, was partly inspired by my childhood. Growing up angels felt very near to me. I believed they were real and active emissaries, and that a chance encounter could bring me into their contact. I am currently working on Divide the Darkness, the next book in the Chronicles of the Nephilim series.    

While I wasn't madly in love with this book - I did like it. It kept my interest, it had a great storyline, and nice character development.
I liked Samara much better than Lucian. She was sweet and full of heart (and wanted a boyfriend so bad). I thought Lucian was too back and forth. I was never really sure if I liked him or not. I thought he should have been more honest and forthcoming with Samara (being an Angel and all). Also he didn't seem very "deep" he was quiet most of the time. He should have offered Samara more help or advise. But in the end he did come through for her.
This had a good beginning, a slowed down middle, and a great ending!
I do think this book has great "teen appeal". Even in the middle where I felt it was lacking - teen girls will probably like it. It is full of teen angst - should I ask her out, should I like him, does he like me, why is he acting like this? etc. etc.

This is a good clean, fun, teen paranormal romance. I do recommend it!

I think one of the best parts is that the Author is giving 100%  of the proceeds of this novel to "The Water Project". Very cool! 5 Stars for that!

The Author has agreed to giveaway one e-book copy of this book.

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  1. I am not sure if I would like this one or not, but I know my daughter would, as she is on an angel fiction kick at the moment. I will be sure to point her towards your review later on this afternoon!

    1. How old is your daughter Heather? I never thought to ask.

  2. I too was thinking about my daughter. She's 12.

  3. I think it would be ok for a 12 yr old. It does have older teen situations but no swearing and no sex.

    The "fairytale" giveaway above would be perfect for a 12 yr old too! Very cute book about a 15 yr old girl.


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