Read-a-thon Spring 2012

The RAT has begun!

The daughter is here. We had a great breakfast - cheesy eggs, toast, coffee. We are ready to read!

So - Get your read on!

A huge piece of advice - turn off your word recognition so people can comment faster.

The first book up - Spell Bound, by Rachel Hawkins!!!!! Yay!

See ya next hour.
Don't forget to comment as much as you can - the commenting contest starts NOW!


  1. Good Morning!!!

    I am very excited, I kind of wish that I had picked this book up to read today! I hope you enjoy it!

    Starting Line

  2. Spell Bound is an awesome book to read for the Readathon, it's definitely addicting, and makes you laugh out loud many times. =) Anyways, don't be afraid to take a break today, because it'll help, since you'll feel refreshed and it'll be so much easier to keep reading. Good luck, and have fun today! =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life [Team Puck!]

  3. Ooooooo Barnes and Noble! I want! I want! Love the rat on the book, I am going to use that! Happy reading mother!

  4. Hi Ashley! Good luck you two. I've heard Speellbound is really good. I'll be by to cheer you on all day and part of the night at least. Lol.

    Oh, don't include me for your giveaway. I'm just commenting cause I luv ya!

  5. Oh I can't wait to hear what you think of this one. Whoot!!

  6. I love RATs! But not the furry warm blooded kind. :) I'm reading Firelight. I love it.


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