RAT - hour 4-5


Reading now - Spell Bound (almost finished)
On page - 235

I haven't really taken breaks. I have gone to the bathroom 3 times (probably too much info???) so like 2 min there, I'm a fast pee-er (prob. waaay to much info!)
Went to the kitchen for coffee - 1 min.
Phone calls - 5 mins.

PHONE CALLS!!!! Seriously! On any given day I get almost no phone calls! but on RAT day, of course the phone is ringing off the hook! I can't believe it! People, stop calling me!

Don't forget to visit the daughter - HERE
Next hour I will post some friends that are doing the RAT.

Another mini challenge - Make a sentence using three of your books -

 Dangerous neighbors - The Ghost and the goth, same difference!


  1. hahaha your book sentense is hilarious!! Creativity rules the world :) ;)

  2. You must have interesting neighbours. ;)

  3. Love your sentence....I think a ghost and a forgot would be cool neighbors :)

  4. Seriously! The phone has been ringing off the hook!

    I've been peeing alot too, must be the coffee!

  5. Lol on the peeing. I agree with Ashely - its all that coffee! Keep up the good work!

  6. Ha I think it is funny that everyone keeps calling you. You are a popular person and it is reading time. Of course they'll call.

  7. I'm snickering at you getting so many phone calls! I've surprisingly only gotten a few texts today.

    Great book sentence :) So true so true


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