"Angela's Coven" by Bruce Jenvey (Review & e-book giveaway!)

"I'd like to think there's a little bit of witch in all of us. 
Don't you agree?"

4.5 Stars!
Reggie Sinclair is an aging British rock star living in New York City who has just found out he is terminally ill. He also has a very dark secret: When he was still an undiscovered teenager, he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his great fame and success. As his life draws to an end, he prepares to face the inevitable until he stumbles upon a very enchanting, modern-day witch named Angela, and her untraditional coven.

Angela gradually introduces Reggie to her world of old school Witchcraft with its roots in alchemy and ‘natural chemistry’ dating to the Dark Ages. As their relationship grows, they devise a plan to break Reggie’s contract and save his soul.

This is a story of the struggle between good and evil with a cast of characters that ranges from guardian angels to young witches-in-training. Together, they have to come to terms with the uncertainties of love, loss, and life decisions to save Reggie from an unbearable eternity. Here is a plot filled with unexpected twists and surprises to the very last page that will also cast an entirely different light on anything you may have ever considered as faith! 

Bruce Jenvey was raised in rural Michigan with a great interest in history, popular culture and the paranormal. After twenty years in the advertising industry, he founded “Great Lakes Cruiser Magazine” and spent the next decade traveling the region as both historian and journalist.

Along the way, Bruce had unique access to untold incidents and documentation of the unexplained. He collected and chronicled these experiences in every place he found them, from the shores of Lake Michigan to Upstate New York. As he did so, he was struck by how consistent and similar these accounts were from region to region leading him to the conclusion that all we see may not be all there is to know...

Today, Bruce is pleased to share with you so very many of these real-world experiences and accounts, all pulled together and retold here, in the fictionalized saga of his Cabbottown Witches.
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Loved it! Excellently written!
This was the first witch book I have ever read written by a man. I did not know what to expect. This book was a very pleasant surprise. I am not the only one who thinks so - this book is getting great reviews on B&N, Amazon and Goodreads. It kinda of reminded me a little of "Practical Magic", and "Discovery of Witches" (2 of my favorite witch books!), it had that flavor to it.

There was only one part that I did not like (and I will not give it away) otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars from me. The rest of the story I loved. This is your basic "Good vs. Bad" just like in "The Stand" you have Guardian Angels and even Lucifer himself but with the new added twist of some witches thrown in the mix.

There is great character development - I absolutely loved Angela! I didn't know if I liked Reggie at first but he did grow on me. I also liked all the other witches (they totally reminded me of the witches in "Practical Magic") as well as the "Templars". Oh! and I learned what a Templar was - 
"a member of a religious military order founded by Crusaders in Jerusalem about 1118, and suppressed in 1312." and "The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon , commonly known as the Knights Templar, the Order of the Temple or simply as Templars, were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders. The organization existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages."
 Needless to say they were the good guys! It was a very interesting mix of characters.

There are lots of little surprises in this book that will make you smile and giggle. And towards the end I had tears in my eyes - twice! Any book that makes me cry is a good book in my book, LOL.
This story had a GREAT ending! It was very well thought out and creative.

Surprisingly and happily this is a very clean book - no swearing or sex! Thanks for that - Bruce!
I have one question for Bruce - Will there be more  Cabbottown Witch books? I do hope so!

I would like to thank the Author himself for sending me this book to read and review - Loved it!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! And to answer your question, I have planned 5 books in the Cabbottown Witch series. Book #2, The Great Northern Coven is scheduled for release, 10/19/12.

  2. Angela's Coven is definitely on my TBR list. I've heard so many good things about it. But just knowing it's published at MuseItUp is recommendation enough for me because I know The Muse only accepts the best!

  3. This sounds amazing! Love the review as well, this is certainly a book I need to read!

  4. I love that it compares favorably to A Discovery of Witches. That was one of my favorite books of the year. Glad to hear that you loved this one. I am excited to have the chance to enter your giveaway!

  5. I also read and reviewed Angela's Coven and I agree with your review. I am wondering which part you didn't like, since I loved almost the whole book. I agree I didn't like Reggie at first at all, but I reserved judgement and so happy I did. The witches were delightful and so natural in a supernatural way! Can't wait to read the sequels Bruce!

    If you pick my name do the drawing again. I already have the book.:)

  6. I've never heard of this one but it sounds interesting.

  7. Excellent review, Bruce. Congratulations:)

  8. I enjoyed the review. The book sounds very interesting.