Fun Friday

I took part in the "Fairytale giveaway hop". Wow! What an overwhelming response!
I had 150 entries to win the book! That is far and away the most I have ever had!

The winner of the book was...
Stephanie - congrats!!

Also for my giveaway I asked if you watched the TV show - "Once Upon a Time"
85 people said they watch it!
39 said - no
26 said no but they would like to start.

I also asked if you watch it who was your favorite character (this was fun)
The winner by only 1, was...
Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin with  17 (He is my second fav.)
Mary Margaret/Snow was 2nd with 16
Emma - 14
Ruby/Little Red - 11
Henry - 4
David/Prince charming - 4
The Sheriff (who died on the show) - 3
then there were 1 or 2 votes for Regina, Pinocchio,  Mad hatter, Granny, Belle, The Huntsman, Jimminey.

Here is a follow-up to my Ashley/Ruby look alike post (original post - HERE) complete with hat and lipstick.

Here are some other winners -
Winners of the books -
"The Light and Fallen" - Bridget H
"Blood Wounds" -  Michelle@Book Briefs
"Don't Expect Magic" - Stephanie B


  1. Love love love this show.

    Which reminds me I missed Sunday's and need to sit down with the Hulu and watch it.

  2. Congratulations to your winners!