Fun Friday!

I am off to PA for the 4 day weekend! The hubby is actually taking a couple days off to spend with me for my birthday (which he missed).
For those of you who do not know this - We live in upstate NY and the hubby works in PA. He only gets home once a month, and I get down to visit him about once a month.
Some of you might be asking - How can you do this? How can you stand him being away for so long?
and the other half of you might be asking - Wow, how did you arrange that, sounds like a match made in heaven! LOL
I am kind of in between. I do miss him, but I am fine with him being gone. I am very independent, he calls me at least twice everyday! And he and I both stay very busy, almost too busy to miss each other. He has a very nice Apt. in a very nice town, so I love visiting there! There is a great B&N almost within walking distance! So it really works for us.

I will talk to you when I return on Monday evening!

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  1. I couldn't do it but every couple must find their own special sauce. Have fun! :D

  2. Have a wonderful 4 days with your hubby! I'm remember the pic you posted of the B&N...I could get lost in there...literally...LOL
    If I didn’t tell you, Happy belated Birthday!!

  3. Sounds like a great mini vacation, and I for one would love the idea of a hubby there and visiting him and he coming to our place with many calls in between. whatever a couple decide they will do within a relationship as long as both agree sounds great to me....
    Paula O(


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