White Witch Botanicals, Avery and the baby bird, by Constance Pottenger

4 Stars

A story within a story about White Witch Botanicals. This short story is about the Queen White Witch and her granddaughter's discovery of a baby bird floundering in the garden. This 600 word short story is an 11/11 contest submission as sponsored by Lulu. This short story is a part of a full work under construction.

This was not really a "Witch book" (except for the title) but it was a cute story. Very short but very sweet. It really reminded me of me and my daughter. In fact when reading it I kept picturing a place where we lived and the herb gardens I had there. The Author talks about collecting Calendula blossoms. My daughter and I used to do that! I taught her all about flowers, herbs and alternative/herbal healing. By the time she was only 2 years old she was collecting on her own. I would send her out with a basket and tell her what I needed. So this story brought back memories for me. I hope to be doing this kind of thing with my granddaughter!
Even though this story was very short I felt it was complete. I liked the ending, it had a natural feeling to it. Its just the way things happen.
And the cover is cute!

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  1. This does sound like a very sweet story, and as I have lately become a bird lover, I am really attracted to this one. As I type this, I am watching a blackbird gather seeds, and a woodpecker flitting about looking for ants in my backyard. So yes, this does really appeal to me :) Very nice review today!

  2. Confession: I'm not a fan of birds. Don't hate me :P But it sounds like a really sweet and warm story. (Now if only it was about a puppy...) ;-)