Fun Friday!

Here is the "Witchy Month of May" wrap-up!
These are all the witch books I read this past month. I think I did pretty good.
My Fav. ones were - "Spells and Stitches" of course.
"Daughters of the Witching Hill" and "Angela's Coven"
and the short story - "The Witch who made Adjustments"
The most disappointing one (to me) was "Once a Witch"

Next up for the month of June is 
"Historical Fiction Month"
I have some real great books and giveaways lined up!
I am really excited about this month because Historical Fiction is my favorite Genre. 
After I have read a bunch of other books and then come back to a Historical Fiction book, I always say its like "coming home" to me. I start reading and go "Ahhhhh, this is where I belong, right here in the 1800's"


  1. I forget did you watch any witchy movies to get in the mood? I love watching Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, and The Worst Little Witch every October.

    1. I did not!!! but I do love witch movies. I own Practical Magic (thanks to Jen @ Random) it is one of my favorite movies ever! And Hocus Pocus is really cute!

  2. Love your doily....
    My favorite...Historical fiction!!!!! YEA.

    1. Yes, YAY! Mine too!
      And thanks about the doily - did you notice the lantern... get it historical?

  3. Good historical. I don't like witchy ones. Now will get excited.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

    1. Oh yay! I will be glad to hear from you then! I have some real good ones lined up.
      And there is a great giveaway on Mon!

  4. Yay! Looking forward to historical fiction month!!! :D

    Off topic - I saw your sweet comment on another book blogger's giveaway post for Before Ever After. YOU. ARE. THE. BEST!!! Hugs! :)