Fun Friday!

The winner of the book - "Daughters of the Witching Hill" is - Carol Wong - Congrats Carol!
I had 66 entries for this book!

The winner of the book - "Chick with a Charm" is - Tiffany H from "A Purrfect Read"
And I had 59 entries for that one!

Since I am reading and reviewing all Historical Fiction this month I thought I would share some of my past favorites!
I read so much His. Fiction, It probably takes up at least 1/3 of my reading list.

"Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West" by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien
(One of the best book I have read about the Oregon trail) 

 "The Yukon Quest Series" by Tracie Peterson (These are about the Alaskan Gold rush during the late 1800's)
1. "Treasures of the North"
2. "Ashes and Ice"
3. "Rivers of Gold

 The Prairie Wind Series by one of my most favorite authors ever - Stephanie Grace Whitson!
1. "Walks the Fire"
2. "Soaring Eagle"
3. "Red Bird"

The American Family Portrait Series, by Jack Cavanah (This is one of my favorite series ever!!!! It follows American history right from coming over from England. I learned so much more from these than I ever did from school! There are so many of them so I only posted a few of the pictures.)
The Puritans, The Colonists, The Patriots, The Adversaries, The Pioneers, The Allies, The Victors, The Peacemakers.

"The Believers" by Janice Holt Giles (An excellent book about the beginning of The Shakers, very interesting!)

"In the Land of Cotton" by Martha A Taylor "This is a Non-fiction/memoir so I guess its not really Historical Fiction but - great book about the Civil Rights Movement. Absolutely excellent)

"The Shape of  Mercy" by Susan Meissner (my favorite book about the Salem Witch Trials)

And there you have it - the best of Historical Fiction as told by Wall-to-wall books!
Please I would love to know if you have read any of these book or anything by these great Authors.
Or if you now plan on trying any of these, I very highly recommend all of them!


  1. Every one of these books looks great. I’d love for my daughter to read some of these. It’s so much easier to learn about our history through a story. She read The Witch of Blackbird Pond and learned so much about our colonial times—she wouldn’t stop talking about it. You have some good summer reading here.

    1. Oops Aris - these are books that I have read in the past, not books I am going to read. But I do have some good books lined up!

  2. I <3 the Yukon Quest series. I reallly enjoyed it.

    1. Oh yay! Yeah they were really good! I read another series by her also - I think "Alaskan quest???"

  3. Hi, I have read the Yukon series and enjoyed them very much. you have some good looking books here I am interested in reading Stephanie Grace Whitson books too, My maiden name is Cotton so reading "In the Land of Cotton" would be good one to read just as a whimsical thing to do. thanks for sharing your books and reviews.
    Paula O(

    1. Oh you should read Steph. Grace Whitson!!!! She is my favorite! I have read EVERY thing by her except for the last 2 new ones - I need to catch up! I own them, I just haven't read them yet.

  4. Thank you for sharing your favourites with us! Really great... I definitely want to read more historical fiction. :)

    New to your blog!

    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page


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