Kicking Eternity - Ann Lee Miller - Review and Giveaway!!

4 Stars!
Stuck in sleepy New Smyrna Beach one last summer, Raine socks away her camp pay checks, worries about her druggy brother, and ignores trouble: Cal Koomer. She’s a plane ticket away from teaching orphans in Africa, and not even Cal’s surfer six-pack and the chinks she spies in his rebel armor will derail her.

The artist in Cal begs to paint Raine’s ivory skin, high cheek bones, and internal sparklers behind her eyes, but falling for her would caterwaul him into his parents’ life. No thanks. The girl was self-righteous waiting to happen. Mom served sanctimony like vegetables, three servings a day, and he had a gut full.

Rec Director Drew taunts her with “Rainey” and calls her an enabler. He is so infernally there like a horsefly—till he buzzes back to his ex.

Raine’s brother tweaks. Her dream of Africa dies small deaths. Will she figure out what to fight for and what to free before it’s too late?

For anyone who’s ever wrestled with their dreams.  

Ann Lee Miller earned a BA in creative writing from Ashland (OH) University and writes full-time in Phoenix, but left her heart in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where she grew up. She loves speaking to young adults and guest lectures on writing at several Arizona colleges. When she isn't writing or muddling through some crisis--real or imagined--you'll find her hiking in the Superstition Mountains with her husband, meddling in her kids' lives or at

I really liked this book. It was real to me. Not during any part of this book did I think "This wouldn't happen". It wasn't a candy coated "Christian version". It had all the real elements that people deal with today - sexual temptation, alcohol, drugs, violence, jealousy, making choices, and wanting and hoping to do what is right. I have been to summer camp and I have worked at summer and these kinds of things do happen.
I loved the whole beach scene! Any book that takes place on a beach is alright by me. I also seem to like books that take place around summer camp. This was not so much about the kids at camp but the Counselors and Instructors. There was very good character development! Wow, I really liked Raine, actually I really liked everybody! That doesn't happen so often in books. There is usually someone I can't connect with but I really felt like I knew them all and liked all of them even Eddie, the "bad guy"  I felt bad for him and just wanted him to get help he needed.
About the only fault I could find with this book is that the characters seemed younger to me than they were suppose to be. They were all in their 20's but it read like they were teens. I kept comparing them to my daughter who is 23. And for some reason I kept getting Cal and Drew mixed up in the beginning, but that wasn't really the Authors fault. Other than that I loved everything else about this book. It flowed very nicely, was easy to read and kept my interest all the way through.
There were some really great lines -
"Sometimes I'm twelve inside and it bleeds to the outside. Embarrassing."
"Rainey, I wish I could promise you running to Africa would work. But my guess is the pain will go with you. The only thing I know is if you take God into those deep cracks Eddie's made in your heart, you'll fill them with something good. Somehow the suffering won't be wasted."
"Faith is believing what God said in the Bible is true."
"I believe it. I don't feel it."
"Your feelings will catch up. If the emotion was wiped out as soon as God forgave us, we'd go right out and do the same thing again." - I loved that one!
and even a few humorous ones -
"Did you read Harry Potter?"
"I hid it in my closet for a week, but yeah, I read it under the covers with a flashlight and felt like a criminal. I confessed to mom."

This was a really nice Christian book about being faithful to God, but also being unsure about your faith.
Of course - no sex or swearing, so good for any age. In fact I recommend teen read it.

Thank you so much Ann Lee Miller for allowing me to read your book.
Ann will have a second book to this series out in the fall. I am really hoping to be able to read this one too.

Ann has offered a copy of this e-book to EVERYONE who leaves a comment (a REAL comment) that includes your email address!!! Isn't that awesome? This giveaway will run through the end of July 2012.

She told me that she will be away from July 8-28, but she will check and comment back to all of you when she returns.


  1. Wendy,

    Thanks so much for inviting me to visit your blog! What an unexpected blessing. I'm looking forward to chatting with your readers. :)

  2. This does sound like a great book that I could share with my daughter who is struggling with her Christianity and worldliness right now, and I also like that it's not littered with sex and cursing. Great review today. I really think this would make an excellent summer read!


  3. Thanks for your honest review. Those sound like good lines.


  4. Thank you for the giveaway. This sounds like a good book. I like the cover. I love the author's comment on reading Harry Potter. Haha.

    leah49 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Zibilee,

    I hope you and your daughter enjoy my book!


    So funny that you liked the Harry Potter mention because I forgot I wrote it. Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. :)

  6. HI,

    I am so intrigued by the I want to read the book.>:D

  7. Anyone who misses the giveaway may request a free book at!



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