Abby Finds Her Calling, by Naomi King (Review & Giveaway!)

4.5 Stars!!

The Lambright family's eldest daughter, Abby, runs her own sewing shop. There, she mends the town's clothes and their torn relationships. But the town maidel has sworn off any suitors of her own because of her unrequited love for James Graber, who is about to marry her younger sister, Zanna...

On the wedding day, Zanna is nowhere to be found, breaking James' heart. Zanna has brought shame to her family, but there's more in store for them when they discover how far she has fallen. Long-buried secrets come to light, and they test the bonds of the Cedar Creek community. Abby is at the center of it all, trying to maintain everyone's happiness. But will she ever find her own?

Naomi King is a deacon, a dedicated church musician, and choir member, and when she's not writing, she loves to travel, try new recipes, crochet, and sew. She lives in St. Paul, MN.

Drawing upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi, longtime Missourian Naomi King (a.k.a. Charlotte Hubbard) writes of simpler times and a faith-based lifestyle in her new Seasons of the Heart series. Like her heroine, Miriam Lantz, Charlotte considers it her personal mission to feed people—to share hearth and home. Faith and family, farming and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle, and the foundation of her earlier Angels of Mercy series.
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Wow! Was I impressed! I had heard of this author but this is the first book I have read by her (under either name). Using excellent writing, she draws you in with a storyline and characters that are real, funny, sweet, sad, and flawed. Three cheers for Naomi King on this one!

There are so many parts to this story that are unexpected. I just loved the storyline, it kept me interested from the very first page. This one was a little different in that it showed that the Amish are human too. They have flaws and feelings and regret and they make mistakes just as we do, only not too many people write about it. Naomi keep it real and definitely current.

I loved the characters! I got so attached to them by the middle of the book. 
Abby - sweet, lonely, but won't admit it. Loves her family. Tries hard to be a good Christian Amish woman.
Zanna (aka Suzanna) - I love that nickname by the way! Is a free spirited, carefree young woman who isn't real sure what she wants in life, or who. She is still trying to figure it all out.
James - Wow! What a guy! Is he still single? I have a 23 yr. old daughter. He is like the perfect Amish man, every girls dream husband. He is nice, respectful, understanding, forgiving, cute, sweet, and on and on.
Johnny - Uh oh, here comes trouble! A sheep who has left the fold. I really wanted to dislike him but just couldn't. I ended up loving him as well!
There are a lot of family members and Naomi manages to develop their characters just as well.

Here are a few quotes I liked -
"You're a saint, Abby."
Abby's face turned a pretty pink. "Nah, Just your average garden-variety sinner. I've made plenty of mistakes in my day and I'll make lots more."
"Well if you're a garden-variety sinner, you must be a daisy or one of your mamm's mums,' he remarked 'Me, I'm surely a weed. Pesky as a dandelion."
"Okay, sorry, My bad," he said above the noise of the air driven saw.
My bad? What on earth did that mean? At least Johnny hadn't called him Dude."
Haha love it! That's what I mean by keeping it real.
So... Great, now I can't wait to read the next book in the series - there are so many unanswered questions!!!

This is a very nicely written, beautiful story with lots of little twists. No swearing, no sex scenes. Perfect for any age.

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review! Don't enter me in your give-away but I so appreciate this chance to be seen by your blog readers!

  2. Well you have been seen, this sounds like a wonderful story-I love to read about the amish. I have not read any of your books but would be interested in doing so.
    I have stopped over from Goodreads.
    Paula O(

    1. Can you believe that Naomi commented on my blog! I am honored!

      She is a great writer.

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  3. Thanks for the review and giveaway, sounds like a wonderful book!

  4. This book and you're great review reminds why I recently became interested in this genre. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!