Courting Miss Amsel, by Kim Vogel Sawyer (Review & Giveaway)

4 Stars!
Edythe Amsel is delighted with her first teaching assignment: a one-room schoolhouse in Walnut Hill, Nebraska. Independent, headstrong, and a strong believer in a well-rounded education, Edythe is ready to open the world to the students in this tiny community. But is Walnut Hill ready for her?

Joel Townsend is thrilled to learn the town council hired a female teacher to replace the ruthless man who terrorized his nephews for the past two years. Having raised the boys on his own since their parents' untimely deaths, Joel believes they will benefit from a woman's influence. But he sure didn't bargain on a woman like Miss Amsel. Within the first week, she has the entire town up in arms over her outlandish teaching methods, which include collecting leaves, catching bugs, making snow angels, and stringing ropes in strange patterns all over the schoolyard. Joel can't help but notice that she's also mighty pretty with her rosy lips, fashionable clothes, and fancy way of speaking.

When Edythe decides to take her pupils to hear Miss Susan Anthony speak on the women's suffrage amendment, the town's outcry reaches new heights. Even Joel isn't sure he can support her newfangled ideas any longer. And if he can't trust her to know how to teach the boys, how can he trust her with his heart? 

 Kim Vogel Sawyer is the bestselling author of more than fifteen novels. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. She and her husband, Don, reside in central Kansas, and have three daughters and six grandchildren.

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Well I love Kim Vogel Sawyer so it was no great surprise that I really liked this book. Her books are just so nice and easy going, they all flow so nicely. What I really loved about this book was that it was about a schoolmarm. I love books about school teachers in the 1800's. This whole story was based around the school and her students. A few of her students were main characters in the book. This one was very well done.

As usual there was great character development! I loved Miss Amsel, "Edyth" she was such a sweetheart and a great loving creative teacher. Its just too bad that she thought she had to give up love for her career. I also love Joel - the love interest and Uncle to two of the boys in her school. Another great character in this story was Mrs. Kinsley, the woman who took her in. Not only did she open up her home to Edyth she also opened her heart! Edyth was never a very devout Christian until coming to Walnut Hill, there she learned she had to lean on God to get her over some pretty rough spots.

All in all this is a very clean Christian fiction book. Real historical facts mixed with a nice interesting love story. Would be great for young or older women, especially if you like reading about teachers. And I love the beautiful bright cover.

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  1. This does seem like a really sweet and comfortable little book, and I love the fact that it takes place in the 1800's. Great review today. I would love to see what eventually happens in this one. Thanks for the chance to win with your generous giveaway as well!

  2. Love to read this author thanks for sharing, your stack of books at top are just my kind of books and looks a bit like mine..
    I always enjoy stopping by and reading your comments on authors and books, thanks for sharing.
    Paula O(

  3. Clean, comfortable romance, sounds like good summer reading to me!
    Thanks for your generous chance to win this book!


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