Drenched in Light, by Lisa Wingate

4.5 Stars!
Deep in my heart, a part of me will always be barefoot, running through the shallows of Mulberry Creek, with my eyes closed and my arms stretched out like I could fly.

Once a gifted ballet dancer, Julia Costell understands the joy of body and soul lost in a perfect moment. But after buckling under the demands of a professional dance career, she's landed with a thud as a guidance counselor at a performing arts high school. Living with her parents and feeling lost, Julia is afraid she'll never soar again. Until the day young Dell Jordan is sent to her office.

In Dell's writing, Julia recognizes not only her own despair, but also luminous sparks of hope. But as Julia fights to forge a brighter future for one disadvantaged student, she is drawn into startling undercurrents of conflict and denial within the academy. Only then does she begin to discover where real meaning and fulfillment lie, and realize that even though her life has seemed off course, she's been on the right path all along. 


Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, including Tending Roses, Talk of the Town, Drenched, A Thousand Voices, and A Month of Summer. Her work was recently honored by the Americans for More Civility for promoting greater kindness and civility in American life. Lisa and her family live in central Texas.
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I have liked Lisa Wingate for a while and have really wanted to read another book by her. This is now, I think, my 4th. And I have a couple others downloaded on my nook which I am excited about. One thing about her books - there is a lot of substance to them! They are not light fluffy, easy reading, romance books. Her books give you a lot to think about and make you wonder "What would I do in her situation?" and I did just that.
This one being about teen drug abuse in a private school and eating disorders, not exactly a light read, but even with the intense subject this book really flowed nicely. Lisa's story telling is great and she really knows how to keep it interesting.

I loved the characters in this book! I saw one person's review that said she could not connect with the characters??? I did not find this to be true at all! I had no problems connecting with Julia.
Julia, the young guidance counselor has a great personality. I love the way she is "all for the kids" and goes way out of her way to help even one, because she believes that every kid matters, and they shouldn't be overlooked.
I also loved Keiler - "Former foster kid looking for love, brain tumor survivor, Santa Claus enthusiast, NYU grad, and Mr. Science, masquerading as a guitar playing ski bum with a broken foot." oh my word! How can you not love him?
Then there's Dell - Teen girl who lost her mom to drugs and never knew who who father was. Trapped in a place she thinks she doesn't deserve. Has loving foster parents but isn't convinced their love is unconditional.

I loved this quote from the book -
"Grandma Rose says the secret to a good life isn't getting what you want; its learning to want what you get."

All in all this is very clean (no sex, no swearing) I wouldn't really call it a "Christian book" it did mention God and praying but it was just a real nice clean very beautifully written story. And I loved the ending! Again another person's review said "WARNING!!! This is a christian Fiction!!" LOL this made me laugh. Like you have to warn some one that this might mention the G word, gasp! I wonder if that same person would have such a warning for sexual content. I commented on their review "I wouldn't really call this Christian Fiction - I would call it a clean fiction that mentions God a few times.
I think teen girls or adult women would enjoy this book. 


  1. I love Lisa Wingate, and hope to read this one soon. It does sound like an intensely gripping and impacting read. Wonderful review on this one today!

  2. This is a must! I feel like it's calling out to me.

    1. Lisa Wingate is a great contemporary Christian writer, she writes about things that are happening now and her characters are usually young-ish 20-something. And they are not in your face Christian or in your face romance!