Fun... Saturday??

Sorry I missed Fun Friday, I had a giveaway hop to post!

We haven't had hardly any rain the past 2 months all the yards were brown, mine included. The corn fields were dieing, even the weeds had a hard time growing.
It is finally raining! It has rained off and on for 2 days!
I did hear that a few other places got some real bad storms and even tornadoes, but all we got here was rain. Thank you God!

I still have a few book giveaways going on - there is still time to sign up!

Winners -
Surrender Bay - Faiza
Hurricanes in Paradise - Vonnie @ Vonnie's Reading Corner

Phone box libraries have been popping up in the UK since around 2009. Local communities can apply to adopt a kiosk for repurposing as libraries, art installations, showers, and even public toilets. This is just one of many around the UK that has been converted into a library where community members can take, or leave, a book.


  1. OMG how cool is that phone box library. I love it.

  2. That's a cool library! It does make me wonder if something like that is brought over here, will be people respect it? There's so many uneducated people here in Southern California and just enjoy damaging other people's properties. For example, Anaheim (the city of Disneyland) is having major protestors right now because of a police shooting and these stupid people are destroying the beautiful city. I grew up there and it makes me sad how everything is turning out. :*(

    Anyways...I'm super excited for the book. I can't wait to get it!!!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! People just destroy for the hell of it!
      In PA the is this beautiful stone wall about 8 ft. tall right on the river and there is graffiti all over it, and not the pretty kind either. Just black words, it is really too bad.

  3. I think the phone box library is awesome. Cute and quaint. Though I have to agree with Vonnie, not so sure we can pull it off here in the us!

  4. That is an awesome library! I love to see things get repurposed.

  5. Here's one we helped create in central London


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