Historical Fiction Wrap-up

Here are the books I read in June for my Historical Fiction month.

I added "Selkie Dreams" since I finished it on the 1st. and it is a historical fiction.

I love Historical Fiction so this month was very fun for me and I almost hate to see it end, I have so many more books to read!

Here are the books that were my favorites -
Melinda and the Wild West
The Yellow Wall Paper
The Gentle Wind's Caress
All these received 5 stars.

Coming up next month - July
Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction
I have some really great books lined up and some great giveaways.


  1. Looks like you had a fun month. I'm going to add your 5 stars to my TBR (like I need more hehehe).

    1. Yay! Well the yellow Wall Paper is very short - a read-in-one-sitting story.
      Melinda is normal length but ver fast reading.
      The one I think yo will really like, kind of knowing your tastes is - The Gentle Wind's Caress, I was so surprised how much I really loved this book!

  2. I'm going to have to come back and look at your posts of these. I love love historical fiction and I'm curious about some of these.