Fun Friday!

Winner -
Tidewater Inn, by Colleen Coble -  Paula O. of - "Paula's Thoughts"

Question of the week -
What do you not mind spending money on?

I probably spend the most "frivolous" money on - Books, Yarn, and Coffee. For some reason I do not mind spending money on these things. I will not pay a lot of money on clothes (I always buy on sale) but I do not mind going to the local coffee shop and paying big bucks for an iced Vanilla Latte'. Or per-ordering the next book in a series I am reading no matter what the cost. Or even though I probably have enough yarn to stock the local yarn shop I always buy more! 
To me these things are fun, they are my passion. If there was a good coffee shop here in my town I would go everyday, If there was a yarn shop in my town I would prob own more yarn than they do, and if there was a book store in my town I would prob. set up camp and just sleep there!
What is your "frivolous" passion?

Similar covers (I also love that these are all beach/water scenes)-


  1. I'm a winner of "Tidewater Inn" -they had party on FB last night and I went hearing lots of good things about this book, will love reading it and the next books in the series.
    thanks for sharing this book.
    Paula O(

  2. I would and do send money on good yarn and good knitting needles. I have found out that if I buy cheap yarn just to make something as cheep as possible I really am not satisfied at how it turns out.
    I also buy clothes that are on sale, or that I have a coupon for that store. I love a good sale!
    I also send money on a pair of good shoes.

    1. I feel the same way about "good" yarn! I do not buy cheap yarn. Unless it is good yarn that is on sale, LOL.

  3. O I lovvve these style covers.
    SO summer.

    What do I not mind spending money on?
    Hair product (I have curly hair), my favorite teas, and shoes.

  4. I would have to say books, clothes, and costume jewelry. I have loads of all three, but never feel like I have enough!

  5. My frivalous actions will have to be books and food (when I'm out with friends).

    I find it funny how I don't have the money to buy even some necessities but somehow I always find the money to buy that book that's on sale or by an extra entre when I'm out with friends. :/

    1. Yeah! See, I am the same way.
      "No I really don't want to spend that much... I don't really have that much money..."
      Then turn around and drop $50. on books or even $60.00 on yarn!!

  6. I refuse to call spending money on books "frivolous" money! I will admit, however, that I do bust the budget every month on books and dvds ;D


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