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Today (9/7) is my blogger friend, Vonnie's Birthday! 
Please hop on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday and send her some blogger love!

To celebrate - a while back Vonnie had asked me to "check out the Cerritos Library in California, especially the Children's section", so here it is. Amazing!

 This is still the library, NOT the mall!

Check out the websites - HERE & HERE


  1. Happy Birthday to Vonnie! I would love to visit that library! It looks awesome. Is it a converted mall or built to be a library?

    1. It used to be a very small library but then it was remodeled into this gigantic structure that appears like a mall. It's my favorite library to visit during hot days.

      Oh, and thanks for the bday wishes :)

  2. Aww...I feel so special! Thank you so much, Wendy!

    I'm happy to see the Cerritos library on here. It's such an amazing place!

    1. You are very welcome m'dear!
      And it is an awesome library!

      Hope you had a great Birthday.

  3. the cerritos library is incredible! the city of cerritos does really well because of the HUGE tax revenue generated by their auto square (a giant car dealership mall.) i wish all cities could afford to provide their communities with such wonderful facilities and services :)


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