Fun Friday!

Winner! -
The winner of the book "Chocolate Chocolate Moons" 
by Jackie Kingon is -

Don't forget to sign up for Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-thon! - 
HERE  Small group so far, only 200!  Oct. 13 - 14

I always choose to have a very large reading stack because I never know what I am going to feel like reading that day. Something that looks very exciting to me today may look ho hum to me on RAT day. I have chosen a lot of Para. books, LOL it really was not on purpose! Those were just all the books that looked good to me at the moment.
I do know that the very first book I will read is - 
"Revived" by Cat Patrick, author of "Forgotten" AHHHHH I am so excitted about this book!!!!! I can not wait to start it and have been tempted... NO! I can wait!

Here's what else is in my stack -

And here is a few extras for the daughter ( I told her I would get her some angsty, sad, rip-your-heart-out type books) LOL -

I think Martina approves!

These are just the books from the library. We both have a few books on our nooks that we might read and I have a few on my own shelves.

AND... For the third time -
I will be running a contest!!!!!
*Any one can enter 
*The person with the most comments during the RAT (from 8:00am eastern time Saturday the 13th till 8:00am Sunday the 14th) will win a $20.00 B&N giftcard!

Now I have to warn you! If you have not tried to win this before I do have some die hard commentors! Last time the winner commented 26 times (runner-up - 14 times)! and the time before - only 15 comments won. 
So if you want to win I have a feeling you really have to be on the ball and comment almost every hour!
You don't have to stay up all night with me (although that would be very nice of you!) just set your alarm to go off every hour! Get up, post a comment, go back to bed! Easy-peasy! 
Ohhhh, did I mention it had to be a "real" comment, not just "good going" etc. it must be something relevant. And you can comment to someone else's comment, those count too!
Come back next Fun Friday for -
Hints on how to survive the RAT
Food list


  1. Reallllly? I will take this challenge!!! :)

    I need some eBooks.

    BTW, I looooooooooooove that you have Sugar Queen (love that book) and May B. (on my wish list).

    1. Oh I would love it if you try to win this contest!
      I have loved everything that Sarah Addison Allen has done! There is only 2 I haven't read yet.
      And - seriously? May B is on your wish list? I didn't think anyone else had even heard of it! Cool!

  2. The most comments?! Yikes! Good luck people.

    And Sugar Queen...I'm still waiting to read it with you!

  3. I do not like ebooks so better be print books. That is all I read. I have a large stack of tbr books to read and review them when I read them.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  4. I'm super excited. I don't even have a book list yet because I just don't even begin to know my game plan this time around. Last time worked so well BUT my bookshelf with my TBR is in storage. I'll figure it out. It's going to be great. And of course I'll be around here quite a bit.


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