"Life's a Beach" wrap-up

I loved my beach month! I would have to say that this was probably my favorite reading month so far. I chose great books! I really liked (or loved) all of them!

My favorite books were -
The Cottage at Glass Beach - 5 Stars
A Simple Thing - 5 Stars
Rainshadow Road - 5 Stars

Then came -
Dream Lake & Lakeside Family - both with 4.5 Stars

But even all the other ones were very good, there really were no bad books this month!

And look at those beachy book covers! There were some gorgeous covers this month.
My favorite covers were -

The month of Sept. is - "Where in the World?"
I will be reading books that take place in different countries.
I am really excited about this because I love reading about other places, its kind of like traveling through books.


  1. Sounds exciting, I look forward to seeing your choices!

  2. Read Phantom of the Opera!!! Lol it takes place in Paris ;)

    1. Or if you have the time, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It takes place in the United Kingdom.

    2. Or Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago (Puerto Rico), Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice (Italy)...

      Okay...I'll stop now...

    3. Oh my gosh!!!! Hahaha, Honestly I think I am booked for the month! If I have room... we'll see.

    4. I have one for Italy and one for France, but I might look into the one for Puerto Rico

    5. Yeah, I understand about being booked. There's so many books to read but so little time.

  3. I love the themes you come up with for the month. How far in advance do you plan them?

    1. Haha I planned them all in Jan.!
      Of course I didn't have all the books planned, just the themes.
      It really makes you read different kinds of books, while usually you might get stuck in one genre. I think it is a good idea for one year.