Simply Satisfying, by Jeanne Lemlin

4.5 Stars!

Simply Satisfying’s more than 200 seasonal recipes showcase readily available ingredients— particularly fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans—as well as straightforward techniques, global influences, and, most delectably and rewardingly, robust flavors. Here are Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower and Jalapeños, Fragrant Vegetable Stew with Corn Dumplings, Leek Timbales with White Wine Sauce, Baked Eggplant Stuffed with Curried Vegetables . . . and for dessert, Raspberry Almond Torte, Rhubarb Cobbler, and Cowboy Cookies. Each inviting dish is simple enough to be part of a weeknight meal and certain to satisfy vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Lemlin guides cooks through both everyday and special-occasion cooking by offering 50 menu suggestions, helping new vegetarians avoid the “plateful of sides” dilemma, and giving seasoned cooks new ideas for entertaining. And she includes personal tips and a chapter on making “the basics” from scratch.
Whether you are a committed vegetarian or an omnivore who enjoys hearty meatless meals, Simply Satisfying may well become your most reliable, trusted source of recipes to make again and again.

JEANNE LEMLIN is the award-winning author of five cookbooks, including Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, winner of a James Beard Award. A vegetarian since age 15 and a pioneering vegetarian cookbook author, she has written for numerous national magazines, including Yankee Magazine, Cooking Light, and Gourmet. Lemlin has made numerous appearances on the Food Network. Currently a high school English teacher, she lives in Great Barrington, MA.

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This is probably one of the better Vegetarian cookbooks I have seen. My only problem was - not enough pictures! The pictures she did have were great, but just enough of them. That is an on-going problem I have with cookbooks. I know it is probably more expensive to have more pictures, but I really think that is what sells a cookbook!
OK, now for the good - Lots of great recipes in here! A lot of times in a Veg. cookbook, the recipes are all so strange you wouldn't really cook any of them! But this one has tons of really good ideas, and just normal food. I found lots that would make. Also there are the recipes for the Veg. basics, like Hummus, pesto, marinara sauce, and home made Mayo (just to name a few).
Some of the ingredients might not be found in your average small town grocery store, but if there is a big Wegmans or Tops or a natural food store near you, they should have everything you need.

The book is broken up into categories - Breakfast favorites, Starters, Salads and dressings, Main-course salads, Soups and Stews, Frittatas eggs and Timbales, Savory pies tarts pizzas etc, Pasta Polenta and other grains, Bakes dishes, Curries, Tofu and Tempeh, Companion dishes, Desserts, The Basics

Here are a few of my favs under each category -
Breakfast -
Maple pancakes (Yum!), Sweet potato homefries, and her blueberry muffins look awesome!
Starters -
Ricotta basil spread, Deep-fried cheese filled polenta balls
Salads and dressings -
Spinach salad with Creamy dill dressing, Mango and Avacado salad with Raspberry vinaigrette (YUMMMM!!!), Mixed vegetable slaw
Main course salads -
Cold sesame noodles with broccoli and cashews, Tomatoes stuffed with white beans and pesto (that's what is shown on the cover)
Soups and stews -
Cauliflower and Pasta soup, Veg. chili, Fragrant veg. stew with corn dumplings (the picture of this looks awesome!)
Frittatas etc. -
Zucchini, tomato and basil frittata, Roasted potato, onion, and smoked cheese frittata
Pies, tarts and pizzas -
Crustless broccoli and cottage cheese pie, Spanakopita! (I have always wanted to make this!), Bean tostadas
Pasta, polenta, and grains -
Pasta with uncooked tomato and fresh basil sauce, Spaghetti squash with broccoli butter sauce, Cuban black beans and rice
Baked dishes -
Black bean and cream cheese enchiladas, Baked mex-style beans with sour cream and chilies, Baked mac&cheese with cauliflower and jalapeno peppers
Curries -
Cashew nut curry, Curried cauliflower and peas
Tofu and Tempeh -
Stir-fried asparagus, tofu and red pepper, Skillet tofu and veggies in brandy cream sauce (oh my gosh!)
Companion dishes -
Fine egg noodles with light garlic sauce, Roasted potatoes with rosemary, Braised broccoli with wine and garlic, Sesame broccoli (sorry, I love broccoli!)
Desserts -
Blueberry streusel cake, Hot fudge pudding cake, Mocha walnut torte, Maple peacan pie, Apricot orange mousse (I could go on and on!) 

OK so now that I have you licking your lips, totally hungry, here are few pictures I took from my nook -

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Thank you to - Netgalley and "The Experiment" for sending me this e-book to review!



  1. The cover is divine. As I read some of the dishes you listed, like Vonnie, my mouth was watering! Mocha walnut torte sounds to die for. I am so ready for fall... soups and stews...cozy weather food ;o)

  2. Your review made me hungry! Glad you liked this one. :)

  3. Some of these dishes sound incredible, and the photos you posted were wonderful! This might be just the cookbook that I am looking for!


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