Spirit's Path - Lisi Mayer (Review & Giveaway)

3.5 Stars
This story covers the life of a twentieth century woman who experiences life in three cultures as she grows from a child to old age. The traumas she experiences reverberate with people of all backgrounds and cultures. It is a story of healing and development of spiritual awareness which carries her through many challenges common today. 

The book I have written is a memoir, the story of important events that have shaped my life. It is an introspective piece of work. As I am a psychiatrist, there is a special emphasis on development of character. I have also written an ongoing diary which is not published. I have survived sexual abuse and deaths of my nuclear family members. My life has encapsulated all the important social concerns of the 20th century, identity crisis, separation and abandonment, homosexuality, marriage and divorce and cancer treatment. I live in Fairfax, Virginia. I am married, the mother of 2 children, 1 deceased, and 3 stepchildren. I just recently retired from a lifetime psychiatry practice. My hobbies are writing, cooking, language study, music and reading. I am physically active.   
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There was a lot going on in this book! Every chapter was a different event, a different milestone, or a different tragedy. It definitely was not slow or boring. My only problem was that it had no feeling to it. It was a great great story with so much happening, but no feeling at all. There were so many sad events in this book - rape, and other sexual abuse, death, cancer, etc. but - no tears. I did not shed a single tear and I should have. I always cry at sad books. 
It was written in first person, so that took something away from the story. I did read a book a few weeks back that was in third person and was done very well. I felt like I was just reading the events of someones life, one after another. It was almost like a time line or a journal someone would write after observing a family's life. Which I guess makes sense in a way - the author is a Psychologist. So I guess she was observing her own life and writing it from the Doctor's perspective, maybe. Anyway, that's the feel I got from it. 
The character development was pretty good. I did get to know the main character Karla and her two kids and really got to like Thais (the daughter), I think she was my favorite.
"As a young girl, she heard women in post-war Austria say, 'How awful!' on finding out they were pregnant. Having a child after the war brought fears of hunger and want. Karla had never heard someone say they were happy when finding out they were pregnant. And now here she was pregnant herself."
Even though I did fell kind of disconnected form the... sensitiveness! That's the word I am looking for. This book lacked sensitiveness. Well, even after all that I did enjoy reading it! I kept on reading and at times found it hard to put down. So much bad stuff happens you just wonder how "Karla" could go on with her life. So you just keep reading just to make sure she does!

All in all this was a pretty good, interesting, fast paced, shocking at times, but lacking in sensitivity. I would not recommend this to young readers, it does have a very mature subject matter.
It definitely was worth the read. If anything it does make you thankful for your own ho hum life.

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  1. I am not sure about books that are so emotionally distant, so I am unsure about reading this one. It does sound like there is a lot to say here, but the fact that there is little sensitivity kind of puts me off.