To Love and Cherish, by Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller

3 Stars

Escape to a Beautiful, Historic Island Resort
Bridal Veil Island, Georgia, 1898

Melinda Colson has been waiting months for Evan, the assistant gamekeeper at the Bridal Veil Island resort, to propose. Without an offer of marriage, she must return to Cleveland with the family she works for as a lady's maid.

Evan isn't afraid of hard work, and he hopes to be promoted soon. He wants to marry Melinda--but not until he's sure he can support her and a family.

Letters strengthen their romance until a devastating storm strikes the island. With no word from Evan, Melinda knows she must journey back to Bridal Veil in search of her beloved.

But the hurricane isn't the last calamity to shake up Bridal Veil. Melinda finds a new job on the island, but still no offer of marriage comes her way. Has she given her heart to the wrong person? Will she ever find a man to love and cherish? 

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 80 novels. She and her family live in Belgrade, Montana. Visit her website at
Judith Miller is an award-winning author whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her bestselling novels. Judy makes her home in Topeka, Kansas. Visit her website at

This was just an OK book for me. It did get some really great reviews on Amazon and B&N. But it just didn't do anything for me. It started out so slow, I actually put it down for a couple days and started another book. I then picked it back up again and it did get a little better half way through. But I could "take it or leave it" at any point during the read.

The character development was alright, but I didn't really feel connected to any characters. I actually kind of disliked them. I thought Melinda was whiny and spoiled and even though I think she was suppose to come across that way - she just really rubbed me the wrong way. And Evan, I just didn't like right from the very beginning. I thought he was unfeeling and stand-offish. I wouldn't want him for a boyfriend. I really hate it when I read a book and don't like any of the main characters.

I thought the story-line (what was the storyline again?) took way too long to develop. There were a few exciting parts but not enough to flip me. Also I wasn't really feeling the whole Island vibe. I didn't feel like I was right there. I kinda felt like I was in my living room chair.

I am really sorry to be giving this book a so-so review because I really like Tracie Peterson. I have read several of her other books and enjoyed them very much! Judith Miller, I have never read before but have been wanting to. This book didn't change my mind about the authors. I still give them full credit for being excellent authors!
And... You might love this book! It just wasn't my cup of tea.

Thank you -  

 For sending me this book to read and review!


  1. I hate a book that does not grip you and keep you reading from chapter to chapter. I just quit one. Then I asked my daughter if College life was really that boring and she said, "Yes". Anyway I could not finish it. I know both these author's work so that seems sad to hear together their book isn't as good as separate.

  2. If it is slow and the characters are unlikable, chances are that I would dislike this book. It's always frustrating to me when a book has a tight plot, but the writing and characters make it uninteresting for me. Very nice review today. You wrote honestly, but without snark, which I appreciate.

  3. I appreciate the honest review-I'll check out another Tracie Peterson book, since you like her!

  4. This isn't my type of book, but I like the cover. It looks like a painting.


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