666 Park Avenue - Gabriella Pierce

3 Stars
What if your mother-in-law turned out to be an evil, cold-blooded witch . . . literally? 

Ever since fabulously wealthy Malcolm Doran walked into her life and swept her off her feet, fledgling architect Jane Boyle has been living a fairy tale. When he proposes with a stunning diamond to seal the deal, Jane can't believe her incredible luck and decides to leave her Paris-based job to make a new start with Malcolm in New York.

But when Malcolm introduces Jane to the esteemed Doran clan, one of Manhattan's most feared and revered families, Jane's fairy tale takes a darker turn. Soon everything she thought she knew about the world—and herself—is upended. Now Jane must struggle with newfound magical abilities and the threat of those who will stop at nothing to get them.

Gabriella Pierce is an American living in Paris with her two dogs. 666 Park Avenue is her first novel.

This book was just OK for me. It did get better during the last half. But there were still quite a few slow spots. There were some impressive and cute magic parts to it though. I loved that, you know how I love my magic books.   

There were lots of cute quirky lines.
"Whatever's on top," s he smiled, and then jumped as her handbag seemed to come to life, rattling across the floor.
Malcolm looked at her oddly, but she quickly placed the bag's strange behavior, and reached in to draw out her iPhone, which was apparently in the midst of a seizure."
and another of  my favorite lines -
"You look like you've just run a marathon," he told her.
"Well, I was only walking," she admitted. "But it was from West Fourth and I get extra credit for doing it in heels."  - LOL you go girl!
 The character development was pretty good, I had no trouble picturing everyone and their personalities. This was kinda Chick-Lit-ish paranormal. That's what I would call it. It was entertaining and fun. I have the second book - "The Dark Glamour" already downloaded on my nook, not sure when I will read it.
There was some swearing and some mild sex scenes.

Well, I just love the TV show! I would give that a 5 star rating! But it is nothing like the book. the storyline is totally different.

*Jane is the name of the main character but in the book she marries  Malcolm Doran and moves into the family Apt. house in Manhattan.
* In the TV show Jane and her boyfriend Henry become the new managers of a large Hotel/Apt. building and Gavin and Olivia Doran are the owners of the building.

* The book is about witches, Jane is a witch and her husband's mother is a witch.
* The TV show is not about witches so far. Strange and spooky things do happen, but we don't know why yet.

In the first show - A man wanted his dead wife to come back to life so he had to pay by killing another person.
You can get what you want, but you have to pay. And the whole time you are not really sure what the new managers have to do with the whole thing, but I know we will find out.
There is truly something evil going on here. Doors close by themselves, elevators trap people, blocked up doorways become unblocked. And the dead... well they can come back to life. Oh! and did I mention there were ghosts? You have to  have ghosts! Would you like to stay there? I think not! But I am enjoying the show! Its spooky and I  love spooky! But I think I will start recording it and watching it the next day earlier, like 6:00 not 10:00 just before bed, LOL. There is a great cast that you definitely recognize.The acting is great, I think everyone was cast perfectly.

The second show - just as spooky and suspenseful as the first! A must watch show!

The book is an eehh I can take it or leave it.
The TV show is great - watch it!


  1. I didn't think the book would be anything like the television show, and I have been excited to see it. Hopefully I will get the chance soon, when more stuff on my to-do list has been done!

    1. Hey Heather - if you plan an starting to watch it, You should watch the past shows on the internet first. It is a continuing show so you will be kinda lost if you start in the middle.

  2. The show looks to scary for me but the book sounds kinda light and fun. Great review. I had no idea this was based on a book. Of course I should have known, film and tv would be lost without books.

    1. It is scary! Its like watching a scary movie every Sunday night! But I love scary movies.

  3. I've never seen the TV show but I the premise sounds interesting. Too bad for the slow parts.

  4. I read the book a couple of years ago and I did not realize that the TV show was based on it until last week. The show seems too different from the book and by your description, it certainly is.

    I hardly have time to watch TV so I'm always afraid of starting a new show because I'll get hooked but never be able to watch it.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying the show though and it's obvious you like it a lot more than the book.

  5. Have not read the book but love the TV show.

  6. Love the quotes! The phone with a seizure. That's funny.