Cookies For Grown-ups - Kelly Cooper

5 Stars!!!!!
Cookie-love is forever and yet for all the remembrances it evokes, our favorite childhood cookie is not always what we want. Even Proust lived on more than madeleines. 
Our tastes change. As adults, we're allowed to say "no" to milk, choosing instead a cup of good coffee or tea, a glass of wine, an icy cocktail or a stein of what's on tap. Kelly Cooper knows this. She also knows how to concoct delicious, handheld treats--sweet or savory--to go with those libations.
Her whimsical cookies are for adults not only because each is carefully paired with a drink but because they’re deliciously suited for the discerning palette. We’re talking hearty breakfast cookies with dashes of maple syrup and bacon, manly game-time cookies that incorporate beef jerky and late-late night cookies to stir the senses.
For any occasion, Kelly Cooper knows just how to mix beloved, familiar flavors with enlivening, new ones—and that’s the true secret of successful sophistication. 

Kelly Cooper – I teach Digital Media at West Valley College, a California Community College. Away from the classroom I bake and cook. I also like to hike which, in turn, allows me to eat more of what I bake and cook.
I like to hear from readers, feel free to comment or send an email to Kelly@GrownUpCookies.com.
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Yum! Even though I do not like to bake, these cookies are so tempting! I have already copied down quite a few of the recipes. I thought The Daughter and I could make some for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas. 

Some of these recipes do have ingredients that you will have to shop for, most is not stuff that you just have in your cupboard. But just plan on a baking day and go shop for several of the cookies at one time. Make up a few different batches of cookies and have a party!

These cookies make me think of a "Girls night" or After dinner party, or even a Sunday brunch. Or as I said before- for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Here is one that I am thinking of making - Trail Mix Cookie - a Biscotti Style cookie (doesn't that look so good?).

 Here's another - Late Night Craving (with maple syrup!)
Why are these "cookies for grown-ups"? Well with ingredients such as - coffee, rum, whiskey, sherry, tequila, blue cheese, feta, jalapeno, and sweet potatoes, (just to name a few) I don't think most children I know would be wanting to eat these cookies!
So whip up a few batches and invite over the girls and open a bottle of wine and party!
Or make a few for the football game on Sunday. 
Fun fun! And certainly very original.
Thank you Netgalley and Red Rock Press so much for this great and fun cookbook!
Pictures were taken from Author's website.


  1. Yum...not good for the diet. The ones with Maple syrup sound scrumptious. I hate to make cookies....bars are ok and don't mind making cakes but hate making cookies....

  2. I like to bake and cookies are favorites. I still like snickerdoodles and oatmeal raisin cookies though I'm certainly not a child any more. I don't like people messing with my cookies.

  3. Oooh I think I'll actually buy this book. It sounds very yummy and I really love the idea of pastries being served with drinks.

    My belly dance mamma gave me a similar book for my birthday but for tea. It has different kinds of tea recipes and it also includes the best sandwiches (or little snacks) that go with it. I think it's a very neat book, so Cookies for Grown Ups excites me.

  4. These look so good! I love making "different" cookies for my friends...they love to try something new. I'm going to have to check this book out.

    As for the Trail Mix Cookie, I want to dunk 3 of them in my coffee this second ;o)...Not all 3 at the same time but one after another...LOL

  5. I love the idea of an adult cookie, spiked with rum or coffee or blue cheese. It sounds like a lot of these would wow my palate. I am so glad that you will be making a few of them. I would love to hear how they turn out!

  6. Delicious. I served Antipasto cookies with white wine and my guests loved them. Also tried a delicious, easy-to-make chocolate with thyme cookie.

    a city baker

  7. Thanks all, Kelly here. I had such a great time creating these recipes. It's wonderful to see some of you baking them and I hope you'll let me know how it goes :) Kelly

    1. Oh wow, thank for the comment Kelly! I hope to make some for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are all so original, love it!

  8. For Christmas this year I'll be giving "Cookies for Grown-Ups", along with freshly baked cookies made from the recipes.. and perhaps even some wine pairing!