Fun Friday

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Darin @ Just a Thought
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Congrats Ladies!

I am going to PA for the long weekend. On Sat. I am hanging out with the hubby and a couple of friends of ours. On Sunday I am driving down to spend the day with my friend Jen @ At Random, she has all kinds of cool stuff planned for us to do. On Monday I am having lunch with another friend and then heading home to NY.  I totally plan on having a very fun weekend filled with coffee, books and friends - what a great combination!

 Don't forget to sign up for the Read-a-thon! - HERE
They are now up to 259 people signed up! More, more!
If you are doing this please let me know so I can add your blog to my list of blogs I will visit. I know how much commenting helps during this long time.
Read about my RAT contest - HERE

Here are my "professional" RAT plan ahead" hints and tips -

1. Plan your books ahead of time! I already have my stack by my chair. I have already read the backs so I know what they are about so I can choose and I already have the first one right on top.
I actually get my list of books ready weeks ahead of time.
Choose short (325 pages or less) books, and easy reading (I usually get YA books).This is prob. not a good time to read "Gone with the Wind" or "Discovery of Witches".

2. Plan your food - This is very important! and something a lot of people forget. I go shopping a few days ahead and get easy things to munch on that will help keep me awake. M&M's, Veggie tray (make ahead!) Nachos and dip, Sushi, Trail mixes, just to name a few.
And drinks - Coffee, Iced tea, fruit juice.
You want stuff that you can just pull out to eat, no cooking, no fuss, no mess. You don't want to be cooking and cleaning for a half hour when you could be reading.

3. Plan your space - I get my laptop set up on a tray next to my reading chair, I get a notebook and pencil so I can write down when I take my breaks and keep track of when I read and when I blog. Yes, I seriously keep track of all of this, I do not cheat at all! I also have my camera right there so I can take pics. for posting during the RAT. I wear comfortable clothes so I can curl up or sit cross-legged. So no jeans for me! I usually wear lounge pants and a comfy shirt with my hair in a pony-tail.

4. Plan your alone time - GET RID OF THE HUBBY!!!! Seriously - this is very important. Ship him off to a friends, to his parents, to a hotel room! LOL whatever it takes! You will not be able to do this to its fullest if he is in the house! Take it from me - this is my 7th time doing this. My hubby knows this is serious business. He works in PA so he is away from home a lot anyway, but during the RAT I just tell him - "Honey, just stay in PA this weekend, ok?"

5. Get a friend to do it with you! -  I find that doing this with another person is the BEST! My daughter and I have done this together almost everytime (2 times she had to leave early to go to work, now she just takes the day off! LOL) You keep each other awake! I have her spot all set up and waiting - she gets the couch, I get  my chair. She brings a bag full of stuff - computer, camera, books, nook, lounge pants, etc. I'm tellin' you - we are professionals! So - find a friend that wants to do this too.

Here are my "During the RAT, if you get sleepy" hints and tips -
1. Change your sitting position - good for another 10 min. at least.
2. Get up and change chairs and sitting position - good for 20 min.
3. Either brush your teeth and/or wash your face vigorously - good for 30 min.
4. Eat something yummy or chocolatey - good for 20 - 30 min.
5. Yell at your co-reader for them to WAKE UP! - usually only good for 5 - 10 min.
6. Get up and stretch or do a simple exercise -  good for 20 min.
7. Text a friend in PA, that has chosen not to do the RAT this time, right in the middle of the night! - the laughing alone will keep you awake for another 20 min.
8.Taking a quick 10 min. nap - maybe good for 20 - 30 min.
9. Giving up and just going to bed! - good for 0 more min!

Things NOT to do during the RAT -
1. Sleep, duh!
2. Drink wine (it'll put you to sleep faster than a boring book!)
3. Drink too much coffee - you'll have a "high" than a real low and fall asleep
4. Read really long books - No - "Gone with the Wind" as much as I love it!
5 Read really boring books - No - "Dr. Zhivago" snore city!
6. Get really comfortable - do not sit in your best recliner! They are made for sleeping.
7. Lie down, Never, NEVER lie down, except in the first 2 hrs!!!
8. Eat nice warm comfort food - no Mac&cheese, no turkey! Sleep food.
9. Watch TV, um, you are suppose to be reading!
10. Clean house, cook dinner, tend to the hubby, get groceries, do laundry, This is your day off of these things, NO WORK - just READ!


  1. 7. Text a friend in PA, that has chosen not to do the RAT this time, right in the middle of the night! - the laughing alone will keep you awake for another 20 min.

    BAHAHAHAHA!!! Lucky for me my phone is silent all the time :-D

    1. Hmmm I'll have to tell Dave to secretly turn it on!!!

    2. He works on Sunday so I really doubt he'll want my phone to wake him up too...plus it will scare the dog then we'll have to deal with that.

      OH! You'll get to meet my pup this weekend :)

  2. I love that your daughter always does these with you! :)

  3. Wishing you lots of luck with the Read-a-thon and have lots of fun in PA!

  4. Replies
    1. Oh yay!
      I am glad you are still doing it!
      I think it is fun to see familiar faces, or ummm, familiar blogs lol.

  5. Well my plans have taken a back seat and I'll be flying by the seat of my pants this time around. Unfortunately, a close friend of the family passed away and the funeral is Saturday. Not only am I going, I won't be at a home base for the weekend. I'm not quite sure what I'll do. I'll read but not quite sure about updates and such.

    1. Oh I am so sorry! Well you certainly need to stick to your obligations, that is far more important. There is always next time around.