Fun Friday!

"You Don't Know Me" by Susan May Warren - 
Lisa G.

Read-A-Thon tomorrow!

Contest reminder -
~ Starts 8:00am Sat. 10/13, ends 8:00am Sunday 10/14 (eastern time)
~ Comment as often as you can on as many read-a-thon posts as you can (I will be posting aprox. once every hour) so that is at least 24 posts!
~ The comments have to be ligit. comments! Not just "Way to go" or "Doing great" that might count once but will not cut it everytime. You can also comment on someone's else's comment - get a conversation going! It makes it more fun! That does not mean 100 comments on only one post! So don't cheat! You can however comment twice on a few!
~ Last Season's winner commented 26 times!!!! So there is stiff competition!
~ I will announce the winner aprox. one hour after the read-a-thon ends.
~ What will you win? - A B&N gift card worth $20.00! 

Even if you do not plan on "going for it" I do really appreciate all the comments during the RAT. It is very hard to stay awake and read for 24 hrs. and seriously - all the comments help so much!

Time for the food list -
A lot of this stuff is the same as before because I just stick to what works!
- Sushi!!!!! Yay! its easy, yummy, and no cooking!
- veggie and dip tray (I cut up everything the night before and even put the ranch dressing in a bowl)
-  granola clusters
- deviled eggs
- I think I am going to do some kind of candy this time because I missed it last time.
- chips and salsa
- cheese and crackers
- coffee, juice, water, iced tea
Any other ideas? nothing too fattening!



  1. I am still debating if I should join in. I really enjoyed last year, but I know I wont make it 24 hours. I will be here to cheer you on! Your food sound awesome. If you like hummus, that is great to have for the protein to keep you going through the night. Good luck at he read a thon!

    1. Oh yes, I do like Hummus! I'll add that to the list! Shall I do it on pieces of pita? hmm
      I think you should join and just do it as much as you can.

  2. Chips & salsa sounds like a good RAT snack. It will keep you moving just enough to get some blood flowing...and maybe the spice will wake you up a little?

    Now I want chips & salsa NOMS

  3. I like spicy nuts.
    Good luck!!! :)

    Can I make a request? Can you remove the captcha for the weekend/contest? I am SOOOOO bad at captcha.

    1. OH yes!!! I will, I usually do but would have prob. forgotten! Thanks for reminding me!!!!

  4. I'm so excited! I can't wait!!! See you in 9 hours!

  5. OMG! This is hardcore! I wish you tons of luck!!!!

  6. I'm always inspired by your snacks. It's late and I'm heading to bed. No snacks are prepped. I'm thinking I'll have to depend on the Hubby to get my snacks together tomorrow.

  7. I have church tomorrow so cannot be on here all the time. But want you to know I do so enjoy this site. I will comment when I can.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com