Movie, TV, Music month wrap-up

Here are the books I read in October for my Movie, TV, music month -

My favorite books of the month -
Sinner's Creed
The Descendants
The Fame Game

Wow, I love the reading this past month! I read some really great books and watched some really great TV and movies! I hope all of you loved the reviews this month as much as I loved doing them. I am thinking I might like to do a movie month again next year, maybe get a few other people to do it with me. Let me know what you think.

Next month is Thanksgiving month! I love Thanksgiving.
In celebration - I will be reading all books about "friends and family".
So join me next month - Nov., for my Friends & Family Month!
I have lots of great books lined up and of course a few giveaways!

And I leave you with a Creed song -


  1. Looks like a good month!

    I love how you can read similar books within the same month. I usually need a break between genres

    Ohh -- Love Creed!!


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