RAT hour 15? hmm what happened to hour 14?

Book reading now - 
The Sugar Queen, by Sarah Addison Allen

On page - 176

Books finished - 

1.Revived - 5 stars.

2.Unraveling Isobel - 4 Stars.

Total pages read - 802

I am really enjoying The Sugar Queen! This will be the 4th book I have read by her. All excellent!
Unraveling Isobel was good but not all that scary! Well, yeah it had a few ghosts, but still. I guess I read so many books like this that I just become immune. 

And another round of snacks - The veggie tray was from a couple hrs ago - 

And for this hour - Sushi!!!!



  1. MMMMM!!!! SUSHI!! The only bad thing about eating sushi is that now it's gone :(

    1. Oh there's more good stuff where that came from!!!

  2. 802 pages...you're flying through them!

    Sushi...it's for the birds! Haha. Get it. Birds. Fish. Tehehe

  3. Oh my goodness..does that sushi look yummy! Glad to hear you're not tired yet. You're always my inspiration for trying to last the whole time. However, given my baling adventures (it's stopped raining here, thank goodness), I may have to make that my goal NEXT time. But you never know - I may be beyond needing sleep!

    1. You like Sushi??? Cool! You know good snack are one of the keys to staying awake!
      You can do it! Just keep your eyes open!

  4. Less than 8 hours to go!!!! You can do it!!!

  5. This looks so good - I love reading your posts on this readathon.


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