RAT hour 9

Book reading now - "Unraveling Isobel", by Eileen Cook
On page - 178
Books finished - Revived - wow! GREAT book! 5 stars.
Total pages read - 514

Hey! The daughter won a prize!
Woo hoo! Congrats Ashley!

Martina has finally started reading her books.



  1. Thank you! Yay!

    Good Kitty, about time you stopped hacking up a furry lung!

  2. Si se puede!!! (Yes you can)

    Woo hoo! Keep it up. And congrats to your daughter. I hope the prize was something fabulous.

  3. Glad to see Martina is enjoying the RAT as well. The book you are reading sounds so good!

  4. Martina has left the room, she's in the computer room now with mom, guess it's time for her to blog her progress.


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