You Don't Know Me - Susan May Warren (Review & Giveaway)

5 Stars! with a WOW!
Isn't this cover gorgeous? What a way to start the fall.

To everyone who knows her, Annalise Decker is a model wife and mother. She’s a permanent member of the PTA, never misses her kids’ sporting events, and is constantly campaigning for her husband’s mayoral race.

No one knows that Annalise was once Deidre O’Reilly, a troubled young woman whose testimony put a dangerous criminal behind bars. Relocated through the Witness Security Program to the sleepy town of Deep Haven, Deidre got a new identity and a fresh start, which began when she fell in love with local real estate agent Nathan Decker. Twenty years later, Annalise couldn’t be more unprepared for her past to catch up with her. When Agent Frank Harrison arrives with news that the man she testified against is out on bail and out for revenge, Annalise is forced to face the consequences of her secrets. Will she run again, or will she finally find the grace to trust those she loves most with both her past and her future?   
SUSAN MAY WARREN is the best-selling author of more than thirty novels whose compelling plots and unforgettable characters have earned her acclaim from readers and reviewers alike. She is a winner of the ACFW Carol Award, the RITA Award, and the Inspirational Readers Choice Award and a nominee for the Christy Award. Former missionaries to Russia, Susan and her husband have four children and live in a small Minnesota town on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior, where they are active in their local church.   
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I am a big fan of Susan May Warren and have read 7 of her books. I think this is her best one yet!
I can not think of a single thing wrong with this book. I was hooked after reading the prologue. Half way through the first chapter I said out loud "Wow, this book is gonna be good." I read the whole book sitting on the edge of my seat. I read the last 50 pages with tears in my eyes and my hand covering my mouth - sitting on the edge of my seat! Wow wow wow, talk about suspenseful - this was one of the most suspenseful books I have read. 
The character development was so good! Even the minor characters had such personality. Also Susan got all the ages right. The teenage daughter acted just like a teen girl! And I thought the way she spoke to her parents was very appropriate for a teen. I thought the husband's reactions were spot on and very believable. I thought the Mother-in-law was great and very believable. And of course I loved Annalise! If there was ever someone who needed a hug, needed support, someone to lean on, it was her. I cried for her and along with her.  I really felt like I knew these people. Like they could have been my neighbors.
"I don't know what to do. I'm...' Her vision blurred, 'I'm scared, Nathan. I am scared that its all going to end badly.' She pulled her hands away to wrap them around herself. 'I don't deserve you. I knew that the moment I met you. I knew that someday you would find out who I was, and that it would all crumble. This life we built - our happily ever after. I feared it would come crashing in and I'd lose everything again."
 This quote is followed by an awww moment. There are so many of those - awww moments. I found myself awwwing and gasping all through the book.
And the ending! Oh my gosh! The ending was so great, so suspenseful. I think I was even saying out loud "Come on come on come on!" - the ending was perfect!

I know I say this all the time but - This book really would make a great movie! LOL

All in all this was a very clean, slightly Christian based, very suspense filled, very touching, sad, excellent book! I can't recommend it enough. Definitely one of my favs of the year!
I do think an older teen could read this and enjoy it just as much as an adult would.

Thank you Litfuse for sending me this book to read and review!

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  1. This book sounds fascinating! It reminds me of the St. Paul (?) woman a few years back who had escaped from the law many years ago and was finally found. None of her family, friends or community knew anything about what had happend or that she had changed her name.

    1. Oh, I hadn't heard about that! Interesting.

  2. sounds like a good read! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. Sounds goooood. I love hidden mysteries.
    (not an entry)
    And honestly, how great is the cover?

  4. I can tell that I'm going to enjoy this book. The main character sounds strong having such a troubled past. I've read other books by Susan May Warren and enjoyed them all.

  5. I am always fascinated by stories that feature the Witness Protection Program, so this one sounds like a must read for me. I am so glad that you liked it and that it was such a good read for you!

  6. Sounds like a great book.
    Thanks for the great give - way.

  7. Wow, you made me excited for this book! And I agree, the cover is stunning!

  8. The cover is really beautiful! Plus this seems like a really intense story. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. That is a gorgeous cover, makes me want to go for a walk in the woods. Sounds like a great read.

  10. I have seen movies like this but never read one -sounds like a wonderful story that I would enjoy reading, thanks for sharing your comments and the book.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  11. Fantastic review! I love books that have awww moments. This sounds like a great read. And I too LOVE the cover.

  12. Sounds like a great on the edge of your seat book. I havent read any books by this author before. Looks like there are many emotions involved with the characters.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

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