Awesome new Christian book site!

I love this new site!
All the books are listed under genres (Woman's Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, YA, Amish/Mennonite, etc. etc)
There are large, full color pictures of the book covers.
Each author has a page and each book has a page.
There is news and reviews and and they even tell you of new books and up and coming books!

I think this is one of my new favorite sites!
And one of the best parts - They listen to you! If you have a suggestion or a question, just email them and they actually email you back!

Go and check out this beautiful new site! - HERE


  1. Thanks for the link, will go and check it out.

  2. Nice site. Very interesting. Thanks

  3. Oh wow, this is something I really need to check out! It is just what I am looking for for a friend of mine who would love it! I also love that they respond well to suggestions and emails. Great find today! Thanks!!